What did you think was missing from a level?

for me it would be another life not having gun owners. i know there are covert guys walking around but i personally think it would be cool if civilians would pull out guns to defend themselves. like they would be a unique civilian AI that worked differently. the inspiration comes from this video:ALL NPC's HAVE GUNS in my 50th Kill Everyone Challenge - Hitman 3 (Isle of Sgáil, No HUD/Instinct) - YouTube

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  • All 3 target maps: enough ways to make the targets move around, particularly close to each other
  • Bangkok: 47’s bed in his suite as a suit only exit. Also a second evidence box in the garden shed (can you imagine if that was a thing?!)
  • Isle of Sgail: decent Sophia opportunities
  • Whittleton Creek: deadly traffic on the roads
  • Haven: opaque walls
  • Dubai: elevators
  • Dartmoor: challenge
  • Berlin: actually fun ways to kill/manipulate the targets rather than it just being a bunch of contract guards
  • Chongqing: fun
  • Mendoza: balancing
  • Train: an actual real map

The “Sniper has acquired target” warning easter egg from Hitman 2 : Silent Assassin in Mumbai, Berlin, Chongqing, or Mendoza

Yeah I can see why they didn’t add such notifications for pretty much everything (e.g. Paris - ‘Sheikh heading to auction’, Bangkok - ‘Jordan recording session’) but it might’ve been cool.

LOL! True issue that needs fixing.

A swimming pool, bowling alley, entertainment lounge, realistic rooms and hallways, access to the whole hotel and the beach and finally a secondary target who isn’t forgettable.

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I wish they would’ve added car batteries to the Hitman 2016 levels in 2 and 3 (like how they added a briefcase to every location). There’s several spots with water puddles and no surge protector so unless you bring a taser you can’t take advantage of them.


100%. Going back and adding things like that would just make the whole trilogy feel like more one cohesive product rather than three different games mashed together with clear lines on where one ends and another begins.


Agreed on batteries and other retroactive 2016 additions, also more things that can be triggered by the EMP device such as alarm panels, buttons consistently being shootable (I can shoot a doorbell to ring it but not any of the big red buttons, e.g. to open the NY bank vault). The 2016 levels really still feel like some of the best ones, and they’re already greatly enhanced by many additions H2 brought, but there’s a lot more that could’ve been done.


In the mansion kitchen… There are wooden crates to stash bodies in or hide. To me, it’d make more sense if these were box freezers like the ones below the gelato shop.

Batteries added to levels pre H2 where they’d make sense. Like any garage.

Apples, apricots, etc. to kitchen areas.

We need a sausage like item that works like the fish or any KO(ing) melee item. :joy:


new meaning to beating someone with yer meat.


@Tetrafish_21 @Charlie_Farmer @lukefsje @Danger_dog_guy_7 you know what was missing in the wrath escalation? the music from this scene in straw dogs playing on the gramophones and radios: Straw Dogs - Bagpipes Scene - YouTube why won’t it show the video on here but give the link? also i say this cause dartmoor takes place in the Uk just like the movie straw dogs. and you just like the main character are running around taking people out one by one. fuck they should have had a challenge where you have to hit someone or a certain number of people with a fire poker.


The car physics look so wonky in WoA that would look very dumb, but would be nice if they had improved the physics.

Dubai: Helicopter extraction for the targets and means of sabotaging it :smirk: Another suit start, maybe in the Penthouse.

Berlin: More diversity and complexity to agents’ personalities. Maybe some different behaviours; traps like proximity explosives or tasers in some puddles.

Okay I started writing about other levels but realized @Kent pretty much already covered that in his “Improving Level_name” threads

maybe we can create a contract challenge out of that idea @Charlie_Farmer! the whole straw dogs scene.


what’s weird is some of the agents have those tools but never use them. would’ve been nice seeing them use those things in action besides being targets with guns and aggression.

Much of opportunities.
Never composed a list of them so can’t tell specifics right now, but every single level misses at least one opportunity.
Whether kill one or script one or layout one.
Loads of opportunities are missing in WoA Trilogy levels

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Marrakesh: something for the protesting crowd to do. I’ve never seen a crowd “on the brink of a riot” that absolutely refuses to riot like them.

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lol yeah. it really was a nothing burger that could made the mission tense and dire but whittles down to “bankers are cankers”.

yea, maybe a new opportunity to kill Strandberg with the riot?