What do you like about Hitman?

Hello. What do you like about Hitman?
What tricks do you like about Hitman?

I like the interactions in hitman, how so many items/objects can be used to attract, distract and manipulated to complete your objectives. So many other games fail in this area but I feel this is where hitman shines.

I think if splinter cell were to ever get another entry they would be wise to learn from the world of assassination trilogy. Grand theft auto 6 or what ever it’ll be called should have more houses to invade like they did in San Andreas’ robbery missions.

A trick I like in hitman involves a far off guard, if you shoot him (don’t kill him) he can come to your position and depending on if he’s a target you can leave a surprise for him or get him out of the way to access another target of yours. A couple of shots close to him can do the same thing but if he’s guarding a VIP he’ll lock them down instead. There are so many variables with npc’s I just hope you have fun learning their quirks. I know I have.

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