What do you like and dislike about Codename 47

I’ll start:

  • +It’s the first entry of the series. Cool to look back at how we got from rudimentary social stealth, hiding bodies behind corners to World of Assassination’s approach of giving you hundreds of opportunities to interact with your targets in cool ways before ultimately landing a fatal blow
    +I need to use the bathroom
    +You can jump from balcony to balcony. Parkour before AC did it! (Pls IOI bring this back)
    +Advanced animation for its time. Have you ever looked down at your feet in this game while walking around? Too bad H2SA took this away. Also ragdoll (But feet IK is cooler hehe)
    +Has the sniper case unlike the second part
    +Cool second camera mode. There were more planned apparently, even the one where you could freely turn around 360 without it sticking to your back, but it got dropped before release sadly
    +Female guards. As diverse as the new games cast may be there aren’t any female npcs that can feed you with lead. Even though they appear once in Lee Hong Assassination it was still pretty cool. They would appear once again in Absolution and then IOI just forgot about them once again.
    +Simple, nice looking levels that may reward you for throughout exploration. I didn’t know there was a sniper rifle in the Ambush at the Wang Fou Restaurant for a while lol.
    +Cool and harmless bugs. You can’t convince me that 47 can run around with a 150+lbs body like a madman while hiding a sniper rifle and a bomb up his ass isn’t canon.

  • -Colombian missions. They may not be as frustrating as the notorious Japanese ones from H2SA but still unnecessarily long and may be the main reason this game is being thought of a shooter more than a stealth game
    And that’s all I’ve got. Can’t wait to hear what everybody else has to say


What love about Codename 47:


What i don’t like about Codename 47:

How IO refuses to do anything with it. Help us Nightdive Studios, you’re our only hope!


What I like: the premise, the story, the voice acting.

What I dislike: pretty much everything else, including that it is still PC exclusive.

Im slowly playing throught the game first time an its clearly made with lots of passion and love so its very difficult not to appreciate all of it.

My only dislike is no ability to save. Have been stuck on Lee hong for 6 months

Also the realitic lighting and grafic makes it feel so real unlike some newer hitman games with their lens flare and overcooked contrasted environments :confused:


Probably a stealth-based game with combat levels (Colombia and 48s) .

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