What do you think about remakes of old iconic maps?

I guess a lot of you already thought or talked about having maps from the older games being remade. But now that IOI recently announced that they want to walk away from the Hitman series, I feel this would be the right time to have them since we won’t see 47 back before many years.

I don’t know if this would be legally possible since the old games are also Square Enix property but I would love to see IOI remaking old iconic maps from old games, even by reusing Glacier 2 and assets they did for the actual trilogy. I feel that it would help to keep the fanbase active, which is a very important thing to do during a development break. And these maps remakes would probably sell well because nostalgia is always an effective way to sell a product. Besides it wouldn’t be new in the franchise since Contracts had some maps from Codename 47 remade.

Anyway what do you think about that ? Would you like to see remakes of old maps ? Because I know some people don’t like that. But if you do, express your dreams and tell what iconic maps from older games would you like to see remade ? :slight_smile:

PS: My non exhaustive list of missions I’d love to see being remade and benefit from the modern Hitman gameplay and philosophy would be:

  • from Codename 47:
    *Say Hello to My Little Friend
    *The Setup

  • from Silent Assassin:
    *the St Petersburg missions, especially Invitation to a Party
    *Murder at the Bazaar
    *The Death of Hannelore & Terminal Hospitality

  • from Contracts:
    *The Bjarkhov Bomb
    *Slaying a Dragon
    *Hunter and Hunted

  • from Blood Money:
    *A Vintage Year
    *Death On The Mississippi


It depends. If they’re going to remake old missions, I think they should bring something new/interesting while keeping the core idea of said missions. Not every mission has to be overcrowded.

How about mixing Hidden Valley/At the Gates with Shogun Showdown in one mission?

In some cases like Basement Killing they could add more options and opportunities.

I guess it depends on each mission. I’m not sure I’d like to see Traditions of the Trade, The Meat King’s Party or Beldingford Manor remade when they’re already pretty awesome.

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Agreed. To me remakes of old games are definitely about bringing new things and new possibilities alongside modernizing the gameplay while respecting the original work. Otherwise it’s just a remaster and I’m not necessarily a fan of having the exact same game but just with improved graphics.
And about Hitman, having remakes would not necessarily be about overcrowding the maps or adding countless possibilities of killing our targets, but also about taking advantage of modern gameplay and AI besides having bigger and more complex maps.

I agree with you on the rest too, there are definitely missions that are perfect the way they are and wouldn’t need to be remade. Curtains Down from Blood Money which is my favorite mission ever is definitely one of them as well.
And indeed mixing missions would work in some cases, like for the The Death of Hannelore & Terminal Hospitality missions from Silent Assassin.

PS: I updated my original post by putting the maps I’d love to see remade

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You added Say Hello to my Little Friend and I absolutely agree. Sadly it has been very underappreciated, mainly because people still find it too tedious, and it was left out of Contracts lol

If this mission is approached like Colorado/Freedom Fighters, it has great potential. The underground lab could be expanded.
Pablo shouldn’t be a boss fight. But still, I think he should be able to fight back if 47’s cover is blown. He’s a maniac on drugs carrying a machine gun. I expect him to shred any intruder to pieces.

It could be somewhat mixed with the other jungle missions, perhaps as optional side quests to weaken the compound’s defenses or something.

With the new cover mechanics and ability to hide in foliage, this mission could become something else.


I agree with you. However I feel that it would look a little too much like the Santa Fortuna mission from Hitman 2. But having a remake of the camp and the lab built as a real fortress with a tight security due to Paclo’s craziness could add some interesting layers to the mission.
And I agree about the boss fight against him. I even think that boss fights don’t fit in stealth games at all but that’s my personal opinion ^^

Definitely, I think some new mechanics that we have now could create some nice possibilities and new opportunities in old maps. And starting by the disguise gameplay mechanic and the AI system linked to it.

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they have already been kinda remaking them for 5 years. there is no use in doing proper remakes because the ideas have been fully realised. why remake anathema if we have sapienza? why remake beldingford manor if we have dartmoor? and so on


I agree with @UnitedFyodor on this one. A lot of these maps have been basically sort of remade, if “only” in concept.


  • Say Hello to My Little Friend - A Vintage Year + Three-Headed Serpent
  • Murder at the Bazaar - A Gilded Cage/A House Built on Sand + Chasing a Ghost
  • Terminal Hospitality + Flatline - Situs Inversus
  • Slaying a Dragon already is a remake of a level, plus I´m willing to bet that Chongqing will conceptually be along the lines of the old HK missions
  • A Vintage Year - Three-Headed Serpent (in terms of the vineyeard setting, Mendoza might be like that in H3)

I personally am one of those who don´t find the need to remake the old missions, since I find them good and enjoyable enough the way they are :slight_smile: So I prefer when they just take the core idea but do a new mission with new ideas around it.

Though I would definitely agree on Say Hello To My Little Friend needing an “accurate” remake, but that one should´ve been done in Contracts with all the other C47 maps, as they (I believe) originally intended.

Where do I sign? (And yes, I´m poiting at you, Metal Gear!! :joy:)


Except a visual inspiration, there is almost nothing comparable between these old maps and the ones from the new games.
And ideas are never really fully realised when it comes to creativity, especially with videogames. New technological capabilities, new trends and new ideas that have arisen over time always help to have a new vision of the game and new ways to play it.

I disagree with that. It’s not because a mission of the new game is taking place in a hospital that it means it’s a “remake” of an old mission that also took place in a hospital. Like I said these old and new missions have almost nothing comparable except for some visual aspects. And it’s not because we kill a target on the operating table in both Terminal Hospitality and Situs Inversus that it is the same, it didn’t feel the same at all for me because all that was around was totally different.
Of course it’s always better to have new locations. But one same location like a hospital could lead to many different gameplay possibilities, different level design, varied scenarios and unique opportunities. And it would be a waste to not take advantage of that, but that’s my personal opinion.

Don’t get me wrong about remakes. I’d rather have new games with new missions rather than remakes. But I talk about remakes in this topic because it seems that after H3 there won’t be any new Hitman game for quite a long time. So I think that having remakes of old maps would be a nice way to keep the fanbase alive and maybe testing some new concepts and new gameplay mechanics while waiting for the release of the next Hitman game after H3.
And as I said earlier a remake for me is not a remaster. A remake is a way to keep the spirit of the original map but by adding new ideas, new stuff, new possibilities, new areas to the map and so on… And by the way I think it could also be a nice way for new players to discover some of the old games they never played.

Anyway players will never have the same opinion when it comes to remakes, but I understand your point of view :slight_smile:

Tbh I think remaking something is usually a waste of resources. People who want a remake are people who loved the original, so why do the need another version? And people who don’t care about the original won’t care about a remake :man_shrugging:

Plus Hitman just isn’t a big enough franchise imo to warrant a remake (especially for the games that need it most C47-Contracts)

If it did go down the remake route tho then I’d want a separate developer to remake the in the WOA engine. IO using their time/efforts on it would be a true waste

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Personally I’m not.
I haven’t played pre-Absolution games and have no interest doing so.
But I would love to play the remastered/remade games. I don’t care much in difference of the meanings in this particular case

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Would you not rather play new original content tho?

Also I have run out of likes, so take this :green_heart:

I would, and I am. But I would like to experience the entire franchise in one style

not true. for example, anathema and sapienza have targets playing golf, have a flower delivery opportunity. in bangkok a woman gives you a keycard to her suite just like in house of cards. hokkaido has a sauna kill straight from traditions of the trade. mumbai has a target you don’t know the appearance of just like in that h2 mission with assassins. and so on and so forth. the old ideas are so integral to all the new maps that it wouldn’t make sense to remake levels which were usually based around only a few of them.

that’s literally what they’re doing

Not necessarily. Think about all the new players that don’t play on PC and don’t have any old consoles to run these old games. Or players that don’t want to play these old games because of the dated graphics (sadly there are a lot of players who think that way). A lot of people who played Final Fantasy VIII Remake never played the original game. There are a lot of players who’d love to play the old games but they’re held back by technical issues or visual aspect of the games.

A remake is not about making the exact same game (or same map in this case), it’s about keeping the original spirit of the game/map but by giving it a new vision and adding new stuff. And remaking maps in Hitman could even be a way to try new concepts and see if fans like them.
And if remaking old maps could become a good way to earn money then it wouldn’t be a waste at all ^^

I think they’re a some old ideas they could still fold in/have left behind but yeah, I agree

Also, these are great levels, but can we please not role BM in with the rest :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: BM still holds up pretty well and is quite playable. It’s definitely the one that least needs a remake


It’s just a matter of opinion then :man_shrugging: I generally think remakes are a waste when you’re putting in so much new stuff that you could create something entirely new (mind I will admit RE2 was an exception to my belief on that). Tho I get where you’re coming from, it would be nice for new comers to the series

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I honestly never considered maps of the new games as remakes of old maps. As I said there are some visual inspiration and some ideas that may be similar, but in the execution of the mission it felt totally different for me. And execution is what matters the most because it can make you feel the mission/map in a total different way. By the way everything that is around these similar ideas is different, which is another reason why these new maps cannot be considered as “kind of remakes” of the old ones.
So we just have a difference in perception and no one is wrong or right, so I think there’s no truth when it comes to this ^^

You’re right, BM still holds on for old players like us (I’m not a newcomer to the series btw ^^ ).
However some new players might be put off by the rigidity of the gameplay.
Anyway I would not mind seeing more elaborate and complex new maps of A Vintage Year, Flatline, Death On The Mississippi. I just think there are room to make these missions even more interesting and fun.

It depends, it could be a waste indeed. But as I said in my original post I’d love to see these maps being remade reusing the Glacier 2 engine and the assets they already done for the trilogy, so it would not necessarily involve a lot of new stuff or be a waste of resources.
But I get your point, remakes are not unanimous among players.

I’m a relatively new player actually. I came in at Abs, didn’t go back and visit BM until 2019. I didn’t mind it’s controls/gameplay, thought it held up quite well

Well it doesn’t depend on when you discovered Hitman and what games of the series you did. If you’re a player that can play old 3D games from the 90s/ early 2000s without being put off then I consider that you’re an old player :stuck_out_tongue:
By the way I hope you’ll play Contracts and Silent Assassin someday, they are great Hitman games.

Oh no, I have played all the old games I just don’t think their design/gameplay holds up anymore :joy: like if any games NEEDED a remake, it’s those ones