What do you think of the representation of certain illnesses/disorders in Hitman?

The wording sounds a bit confusing. But basically, do you think certain disorders or illnesses that some of the targets have are accurate or good representation? Like, do you think Silvio is a good representation of someone with Aspergers? Does Sean Rose represent OCD well in your opinion? Is Vanya’s portrayal of PTSD accurate? (You can even bring up Agent Lowenthal’s hypoglycemia if you want.) I know some people may have different opinions and experiences with these disorders, but I’m curious about your opinions on the accuracy of them.


their representation is a bit constricted to the confines of the the WoA mechanics, but i think they did the best they could with the writing and animations. Silvio is definitely the best in terms of writing


I also feel like Silvio wasn’t a bad portrayal of an autistic person. (And I’m saying this as someone on the spectrum myself.) He represented some traits that we have such as trouble with communication, extreme sensitivities to food (he favored the store bought spaghetti over the homemade fancy spaghetti which is a common thing with autistic people), he seemed to have a science special interest (people with autism tend to have special interests that they fixate and obsess over more than a neurotypical person might) and he also doesn’t like to travel. (I’m not saying every autistic person hates traveling, but I notice it as a trend with those on the spectrum and I also don’t get enjoyment out of traveling myself.)


I really depends on the person as i have autism and i know another person who does awell but were nothing alike in out ways we cope or the things that might annoy us


I like that they have chosen to have characters such as Silvio and Sean. Mumbai is my least fav level so I don’t know much about Vanya Shaw. I couldn’t tell you how accurate the representation of Silvio is, but I certainly know some people exactly like Sean when it comes to the pencils. Both characters fit the level well and I was never left thinking the disorder was added to their character either for a laugh (which would have been terrible) or forced to bring some sort of awareness that doesn’t fit in with a the game (which would have been lame).

The characters feel very natural, and that’s good.


As someone who has had clinically severe OCD, and who has interacted with a bunch of other people who had it, I can say that the Sean Rose version is a dumbed down caricature of what OCD almost always entails, but I personally didn’t find it so off the mark that it was offensive. It was definitely a one-and-done mission story for me, though, given how personal it was. In real life, my OCD almost killed me, so repeatedly acting out a murder that manipulates someone else’s OCD isn’t my idea of fun.


Sean was definitely more difficult to relate to because my clinical OCD is much more internalized and deals with stuff like intrusive thoughts and moral scrupulosity. But, I also don’t think Sean was necessarily an offensive interpretation.


Well with Sean Rose i find his OCD was well done: not too much that it sorta come off as offensive to people with OCD and not too little that it doesn’t fell that they meant to put it there from the start of his character development and not mid way through when they realised Colorado needed more flavor.