What does the "carry Over" Do?

so if i carry over my progress i know i’ll get suits and unlockables, but will they be available from Dubai, or after that point?

I’m just getting a little used to Dubai, they have each guard covered well, so i Did get to the server room, but i didn’t get to the target above sturv.

I am wondering if there are immediate unlocks or they are available later on, because i’d sort of rather buy it from Steam when it’s available (even though i have it on EGL) and then it should carry over automatically.

Carryover process will transfer all your unlocks and progression from HITMAN 2 to HITMAN 3.
But this is a one-time thing. That means you couldn’t do this one more time later, or transfer your progress back to Steam.
If you already played and earned something in HITMAN 3, while carryover process, your HITMAN 3 progress will be overwritten and lost. You’ll have to unlock everything again in HITMAN 3 locations.
All your suits and weapons that you’ve unlocked in HITMAN 2 will be available all across the game, from Paris to Romania

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I am aware of that, but i am concrened with "do the unlocks start from Dubai, or later on?

I might not get it from steam since there are only 6 missions, and i thin i’ll have H3 finished in a year.

Doesn’t matter.
Everything you unlock and/or transfer will be available everywhere

So it is confirmed i can have a sniper rifle in Dubai? or a silverballer?

Even Blownaparte or Breaching Charge all yours in Dubai, in Dartmoor, in Argentina etc

Excellent, thanks! i was teetering on the verge of transferring yesterday after i found out my problem running it was my windows Version, now i am convinced i’d like to use lethal pooisons, and the other unlocks, maybe even a rubber ducky for sturv. LOL

It’s just once you launch the game from Epic it shows no option to use anything but i think coins, so i was wondering if it was similar to Hokkaido at first. You cannot smuggle anything into Hokkaido until you unlock some mastery.

Well, there are situations where you can’t carry any items with you in the mission, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t have the items in your game.
For example in Berlin (bus stop starting point) or Romania (lab) you can’t carry anything. It’s resticted by the story.
Once you unlock additional starting points, you’ll be able to choose items from your gear.
It’s similar to Hokkaido, yes, but stil a bit different. Because Hokkaido needs you to reach certain level mastery to bring something with you in your suite, but in HITMAN 3 locations you couldn’t bring your gear with you in certain starting points even on 20 matery level

ohh, that explains quite a bit, i still think a pistol wouldn’t be too difficult to manage to smuggle in because you’re literally breaking into the party lol.

I have had a look through Hitman 3, and while i can do most functions without progress unlocks, it seems unlikely that i would be able to complete the story (+ any subsequent DLC Missions) without the H1&2 Progression.

@Travis_IOI I am wondering if a new Carry-Over will be unlocked if purchased on Steam, in the next Year?

I’d hate to Carry-Over and be met with bugs at this point, then buy it on Steam when it’s fleshed out, and no be able to carry over… It has has been ‘confirmed’ Carry-over only is available Once.

Well, i’ve perused the levels in H3 and so far, the game is in good order.

Now, i am trying to transfer my Steam’s Progression of H2, with H1 included into Epic gmes account, have exported data, but no valid Epic Games account can be found.

Has anyone had this problem? i bought the game on Epic twice (once refunded, but after i learned my Windows Version wouldn’t run Dx12 and crashed, so i updated via Update assistant, i was able to play H3 on Epic Games.

One note, it says if i cannot find the account it want, for eligible carry-overs, logout and it shows H1, H2 as almost the same dates, not the dates i bought them on Steam. I think there is an error.