What exactly does the Feats "Switcheroo" mean?

According to the picture, it seems like an apple on a pillow. But there’s no description, only shows “[REDACTED]”. What exactly should I do about it?

[REDACTED] means… well… redacted.
Some kind of a puzzle challenge where you need to figure out what to do to complete it by yourself.
In this particular challenge you need to replace the necklace with an apricot.
In order to get there you need to disable necklace security and then turn on alarm.
Once you’ve done and alarm is gone the challenge will be completed


Ah, thanks! I searched the entire castle looking for a purple pillow (or something pillow-like). Never thought it’s the one in the neckless glass.

But where could I find an apricot? I could only find 3 apples in the kitchen.

In the kitchen. On the last table behind the sweeping woman

Strange. I came to this place and there’s no apricot in the dish. Is that because of I chose the Casual Difficulty?

I don’t know, but maybe.
Did you pick up an apple from there first?
It happens almost always that if you pick up an apple instead of apricot the apricot goes destroyed for some reason

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No I didn’t pick up any fruit. I restarted this mission and directly went to the kitchen and I didn’t see the apricot.
But I did picked up coins and an iron. Tomorrow I’ll try again with Mid-Difficulty. We’ll see.

This reminded me about a bug in “Another Life”, I just couldn’t see the ducks in the river near the doctor. I restarted the mission and they are magically there.

Just letting you know, if you are struggling to find something, you can easily locate it with hitmaps.com.


Wow. Thanks, @Agent_93 , Hitmap is really the treasure.

Here’s the latest update: I restarted the mission with mid-difficulty, in the kitchen, as a cook, and I found the apricot in the same dish. Interesting.

But when I went to the museum, I couldn’t find a way to replace the neckless with an apricot. I disabled the alarm from the computer upstairs, and set the alarm. After everybody evacuated, I went to the neckless booth but I could only find 1 option: take the neckless. I was holding the apricot in my hand, and I couldn’t replace it. After I took the neckless, there was no option either. When I throw the apricot on the position, it just broke.

I got the apricot, but I don’t know how to replace the neckless with it. The neckless security is off (glass gone), and I turned on the fire alarm. But still, there’s no option to for replacing.

Do you just have to pick up the necklace and then place the apricot on the pillow? Sorry it’s been so long since I did it I can’t remember.

I picked up the neckless, but there left no option at all.

As far as I know, you have to disable the security by turning off the fuse box near the bathroom.

The bathroom on the same floor, or somewhere else?
There is a bathroom right at one of the exit of the museum, but I couldn’t find anything like fusebox.

It’s the one on the left.

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Thank you, @ZeroGravitas , job is done.
And I figure out why I couldn’t replace, it’s because that I shot the 2 cameras above. I reloaded an earlier save while those 2 cameras were still there and did it again. Then the Replace option appears after I picked up the neckless.

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