What film references/Easter eggs would you like to see in Hitman?

(Hope there’s not a thread about this already, I couldn’t find it if there is!)

I’ve been thinking about how many awesome film references there are in WoA. Like the T-47 challenge in Berlin, the Kill Bill motorcycle costume in Hokkaido, The Wicker Man Easter egg in Colorado, the Home Alone references in Holiday Hoarders, the film noir Easter egg in New York… and that awesome cutscene at the start of Hitman 2016 that references Skyfall. I’m sure there are loads more! Honestly one of my favourite things about Hitman, because I really love movies.

That got me thinking about what film references I’d love to see in new Hitman stuff, and it’s led me down a really delightful rabbit hole.

My current favourite idea would be to revisit the New York map with both 47 and Diana, with some nods to Breakfast at Tiffanys. Diana’s Mendoza outfit is already pretty perfect for recreating this iconic scene:


And of course, I’d love to see this smooch in the rain :pleading_face:


How cool would it be to see the entire bank building reworked as a high-end jewellery store? The vault and the thieves would still totally make sense…

On a completely different note, I’d really love to see some references to Frankenstein - there are some neat parallels in that story that would work well thematically.

Anyway, I’d love to hear what film references you’d like to see in Hitman, either on an existing map or a fantasy new one :smiley:


I’d love a Top Gun’s song “Take My Breath Away” reference in Berlin, from the band Berlin.

The challenge to throw the cocaine brick on the fan and cover some agent in a cloud of cocaine could’ve been called that instead of “Whiteout”, or maybe some other challenge, but that’s one I wanted to see in Berlin!

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I’d like to see a reference to Frederick Forsyth’s “The Day Of The Jackal” - either references to the original novel, or to the 1970s Fred Zinnemann film adaptation. It’s simply THE best assassin story ever told, so if we could get a policeman called Claude Lebel or something into the WoA I’d be frickin’ stoked.

The Manchurian Candidate