What gadgets would fit in a video game for Bond?

The Q is not really generous with 007 in the last movies and in 2021 everybody have smarphones which do lot of things. So what your ideas of next - unseen - Bond gadgets (no vehicles)? What they do, in what they are disguised? Let’s invent them. My ideas:

  • The classic laser watch for silently cutting padlocks or things like that.

  • A mini flying drone in the shape of a dragonfly (or other insect). Would thus allow to gain height to study the location of the guards/patrols, self-destruction function with C4.

  • You can hardly escape it: a telephone. To hack stuff with a mini-game, see the screens of hacked surveillance cameras, or see the camera of the mini-drone, take pictures, amplifier to listen to conversations from afar. It would also be the pause menu (review information, objectives, inventory, etc.). We could also change this: at the time Bond was the king of the gadget so replacing the phone with a connected watch would not be totally wrong and it’s quite astonishing that Bond never had one (I guess the money dropped by Omega and purist fans of needle watches have hitherto prevented an evolution that would had been so logical in Roger Moore aera).

  • A grapple to access certain high areas.

  • Explosive breach charge: like the perk in Deux Ex which allows you to break a wall. Gadget used to destroy a wall (and therefore create an alternate path and eliminate what is behind). Detonator on the watch. At some point in the game, Q might give out an improved thermite (quieter) version.

  • A one or two shot weapon that easily passes metal detectors or searches (sometimes it’s the only one Bond can carry/keep). We can imagine a fountain pen where the projectile is the feather that is propelled like a bullet or even a blowpipe disguised as an electronic cigarette (I like the fact that it reconnects with the smoking Bond).

  • A pen that turns into a telescopic baton.

  • A tranquilizer dart gun.

  • A gadget that allows you to unlock doors with a small game of picking. Could lock some too (limit to one use so as not to abuse it, locking melts the device): it would be fun in pursuit of locking a door and forcing opponents to either destroy it with their weapons or bypass to enter through another door.

  • A gadget that makes noise to distract/attract enemies.

  • Sun glasses which hide night vision and thermal vision, see X-ray (in Hitman there is a function to see through walls, here is what would make this kind of function for assisted players more “acceptable”). (Can be used to cheat in the casino by seeing through the cards of the adversary for those who have difficulty?). Or maybe contact lens (who can change of color of the “eyes”, like green for night-vision) and can protect from flashbangs grenades.

  • Kevlar tuxedo/suit (reduces the number of damage per bullet).

  • In Goldfinger, Fleming writes that Bond carries a knife hidden in the heels of his shoes. Perhaps it would be good to provide Bond with a blade (hidden for example in the belt, the belt buckle)?

  • In a mission that requires an assault, Q could provide a Cornershot for Bond (see how this could fit into the controls of a video game).

  • Laser projection keyboard (the interest is very limited so apart from just being used in a cutscene I don’t see what we could do with it, but it would look a bit classy to see this kind of keyboard in a cutscene).

  • Taser signet ring: basically an electrified brass knuckles.

  • Cufflinks (there’s definitely something to do with it, like a grenade).

  • Strobe light mounted on a rifle/pistol (should be limited to a few seconds of use because of the health effects, like if it say it uses a lot of battery, but it might be nice to have one on one occasion or find yourself facing opponents equipped with it).

  • In the non-usable gadgets category, it might be nice that in Q-lab we can see technicians or Q himself working on gadgets for women: lipstick which turns out to be a switchblade knife, radio powder compact, flamethrower perfume, submachinegun hair dryer, explosive pads, handbag equipped like the case of FRLW…

  • I saw this also last days : Oubliez les smartphones, voici le bracelet qui projette le téléphone sur le bras !


I reckon I’d want to know more about what the core gameplay loop of 007 is going to be first, before I were to speculate on any items the game might need


I don’t know, it is a tad bit early to begin this process.

However, the ability to RELOCK doors should be an option Hitman I reckon. Just for the sake of realism.

Would be awesome.

We don’t know the timeline, if it’s gonna happen in now times or 50 years ago. So if I say a drone, It may be impossible or vice versa.

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I hope it’s set in the past and leans heavily into the Connery-Bond vibes. That would exclude smartphones and make room for more gadgets.

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