What game do you like better, hitman 3 or GTA 4?

i like both but i like hitman 3 better. both games have the mighty AR-15 RIFLE. but the shotgun in GTA 4 is way better i think.

not one reply?! why?

Cause it’s like comparing apples to oranges.


You also waited 27 minutes before being impatient and asking why no one had replied. We regularly have posts that get no replies for a day or more. Just wait longer.

As for me, I haven’t played a Grand Theft Auto game since GTA 1 so I have no opinion on how good or not GTA 4 is.


Yea but the shotgun is better in GTA 4 and Brucie is just a better bald man compared to 47.


I think these are totally different games so to ask a question like this equals asking who you like better, mother or father.
Nevertheless, I like them both

(mother and father too)


And GTA 4 has Vladivostok FM.

Checkmate Hitman 3!


Why not GTA V?
GTA 4 too old, not like it.

what makes hitman better i think is, it has stealth and violence.
gta 4 you can go on missions but its not as fun as hitman imo.

I mean there two completely different game styles made by two completely different companies. What?


That’s like asking whether you think Tetris or Hitman are the better game.


Wrong forum.

gta 4 is more of an experience whit a wonderful history but linear

while hitman is more than the sandbox for murder in creative way but it has a worse history than gta 4

Apples are better obviously

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I think oranges better

steak and beef are better.

Hitman 3 all the way. I like the freedome of being stealth or guns blazing.

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gta iv is like so totally right up my alley, like, the atmosphere is just all like sad n grey 2 the maxxx n i <3 it. i also <3 the ragdoll physics in that game. also niko as a protag is just saurrrr good, tubular dude n a voice that’s bad 2 hte core xx totally awesome


Apples for food, oranges for drinks.

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No love for Apple Drink? Its Grrrreeeeeeeeenn

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