What happened to Hitman Blood Money HD Realism Mod?

Does anyone know what happened to the thread where a user posted a texture mod to enhance Hitman Blood Money graphic quality? And I’m not talking about the “Blood Money KTEnhancer” Mod, beware, but of the “Hitman Blood Money HD Realism” mod.
The old thread has been removed, why? There are just few links on YT to only parts of the mod, but the full package is nowhere to be found.
Maybe someone does remember the name of the original modder? So we can ask him to check and re-upload the full package. Even I lost it, Idk when, so I can’t re-upload it.


It disappeared without a trace or explanation there is few links on youtube but nothing else.
I believe @AkaneTutszulor is the author of the mod?

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I am the author of it, yes. the aim was to remaster the graphics with as high quality as possible. but granted glacier 1 games are low quality deemed as max, the mod wasn’t necessarily taken down, but being face-lifted again. upgraded if you will. and that is the KTEnhancer mod