What if the 007 game is period-specific

Maybe they do a 50s-60s James Bond game since Hitman games are happening in our current times. It would be cool to see a James Bond with some of the Hitman game base but with some dialogue, some cool story and 50s-60s levels.


I’d be all for that, especially considering the way the WOA trilogy went increasingly futuristic. Would be cool to see a similar series brought into an older “period piece” setting.

That said, part of what makes bond cool is all the new gadgets that seem impossible by today’s standards. Not that they couldn’t still do that, but it might be tougher.


Me too. A Cold War spy game is seriously missing on the market (yes, Rockstar, I´m looking at you).

As for the gadgets, I´m sure they could figure it out. As long as it works on the espionage level, I´m sold.


fingers crossed for neolithic bond!


I think I’d prefer a rather ambiguous time period, much like Pixar’s The Incredibles. Where various pieces point to different time periods, like a house has very 50’s interior design yet they have a flat screen TV. That way it wouldn’t have to be as constrictive and could vary up the look and feel of it’s level in much more interesting ways

However that would also prohibited them from referencing real world events and that would perhaps be the only drawback :upside_down_face:

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Seeing as spy gear is always perceived as cutting edge, they could always set it in the 50s, but have some gadgets that are more modern (probably not big projected screens as that’d be pushing it a bit) and they’d make sense in the setting