What if We Use a New IOI Account?

Is it possible to make a “clean” new IOI Account (with nothing in it) and try linking that to H3 to see if that connects properly?

I did exactly this and everything worked nice.
But what the problem do you have so this question popped up?

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I think he has the same problem with me. Your profile cannot connect to IOI server at all, despite having good internet connection. I was forced to play in offline mode for 4 days now. Some PlayStation user report that when you create a new profile, the new profile can connect straight away to the server, no problem. But the old profile, on the same console, at the same time, cannot connect at all.

To answer Soupienza, I tried to do this, but I don’t know how to ‘unlink’ my existing account. Uninstall and reinstall doesn’t help. So, maybe if I can unlink my account, I will try again to see if it works

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Note that IOI Account and PSN Account are totally different things.
I believe IOI Account has absolutely nothing to do with any of the login features.
I’ve been playing the game for 3 or 4 days without any IOI Account linking.
To unlink your games in IOI Account simply go to the games and remove IOI Account details from the game menu. I believe that’s the way

Well, when you are desperate, you will try everything, even if it doesn’t make sense xD but thanks for your answer

That does not solve it, I know people who started fresh with H3 and now cannot connect like anyone else with this error.

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No I haven’t tried it. Probably won’t since @Travis_IOI says the fix is now in testing.

Well, I created a new IOI Account just to be safe with my Steam things as I don’t want to lose all my data for some silly reason

I think you’re right - this issue is some sort of back end issue and I don’t think it’s related to any files on the pc at all and uninstalling re-installing, different profiles and so on I don’t think will ultimately solve it. It does appear that they have identified the cause so we will hopefully get a fix soon.

Yes I do have 2. One for PS4 and one for PC STEAM.