What if you were an Elusive Target?

Love the glasses :slight_smile:
Ok, shades

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I’ve had this pair for over 20 years. Primarily for practice, lens have a couple of scratches and dings. So far I’ve only lost a couple of water bottles and watch (band broke) in the drink. I’ve had friends lose hats, sunglasses, even a GPS in that lake.

I have a pair of Juliet that I wear for competition and when I am flying (I also have my pilots license).

  • The Moderator
  • Hawke’s Bay
  • Any though the client would prefer everyone to know the target had it coming
  • 14 outside and on the lower levels only
  • An encrypted USB key used for accessing online servers and an encrypted hard drive with evidence of their past misdeed, stored in two separate safes with separate codes.

Additional condition is none of the Heraldsbodyguards, the target’s wife or the target’s mice may be killed.

Target wears a dinner jacket and bow tie around the house despite there being no guests and they are not attending any events

Map is modified to include a large mousery the target’s wife visits regularly in place of the fish tank, and the office loaded with way too many electronic devices and alcoholic beverages.

There is a window of opportunity to retrieve the items off the target when they use the usb key ban another individual from the internet then record the event on the hard drive.


Was that ever in doubt?

But I mean it could be:

  • Anyone I’ve banned
  • Anyone who imagines I want to ban them
  • Anyone who is really, really excited about the idea of one of my mods taking over instead
  • Anyone who is still really upset I don’t like Contracts

Something something Heavy is the head that wears the Sword of Damocles etc


This is awesome! If I were an Elusive Target, hmm…

  • Title: The Alcoholic

  • Location: Haven

  • Elimination Method: Any (Poisoning cocktails probably the best LOL)

  • Number of Bodyguards: None/Usually wanders and stays in the public eye (such as the dance club and bar areas)

  • Intel/Potential Mission Story: “Well, it seems The Alcoholic has feelings that run deeper than just platonic for Ljudmila Vetrova. She has set up for delivery to the Haven guide a bouquet of roses, chocolates, and a love letter. However, it appears The Alcoholic is a bit nervous to give Miss Vetrova the gifts themselves. Perhaps, this could be an opportunity to gain The Alcoholic’s trust, 47?”


Yes, but I’m the client not the assassin.

  • The Procrastinator

  • Haven

  • Any method

  • Two bodyguards

  • Target can’t be eliminated until data from the servers has been extracted, and the servers are disabled.


Ah yes, the uniqueness and originality of self-deprecation.


What about The Bad Boy?

My bad. I was going to check the previous entries on the list, but I left it for later.


Nah, I’m not complaining at all. I’m all ok with it.

Just thought it was a good opportunity to make a joke about self deprecating humor.

  • The Cheese Lover

  • Mendoza

  • Poisoned Cheese, Being forced to replay curtains down over and over and over

  • 47 bodyguards


Sorry to bring back an old thread but this was a fun idea and I just never got around to doing one.

-the rigger-
A union leader with an insatiable appetite for booze and a talent for rigging election outcomes.
You can find the rigger at the swanky Chicago rooftop party from Absolutions sniper pre order level. There would be a few modifications. A live band for sure and perhaps a bedroom somewhere up there (-;
There would be just a few guards at the entry point and a few more roaming the party. They would not specifically be tied to protecting the rigger, just armed face control at the party. They will be wanding everyone at entry so you’ll have to either find a way to sneak in or be willing to give up not only your firearms but also any camera equipment and all electronic devices. The level guards will eventually discover a journalist has snuck a phone camera into the party and was taking photos in one of the “smoke filled rooms” hidden away from the main party… you’ll then see the guards toss him off the side of the balcony down into the chicago river. You can save this guy if you choose but it will be difficult as you’ll have to eliminate anyone who could notice his phone or find a way to put him into a box till the level is over. Perhaps you could even steal his phone, take the photos he intended to take, and get the phone back to him before you get out of there? None of that has any bearing on the level objective though; just for fun.
Any elimination method is fine but the level has a cinematic kill if you can get the rigger over the balcony and into the chicago river way down below. There will also be poison opportunities but the rigger is paranoid and keeps a close eye over his drink. The rigger will be armed but only with a pistol and he will fight back if he catches you trying to kill him
There will be a special objective where the client wants you to ascertain who will win the upcoming senate election in NY, but the game doesn’t tell you how to do this. Does the rigger keep the plans in his computer and you can break into it? Do you have to eavesdrop on a conversation? Can you threaten him with death if he doesn’t just tell you? If that doesn’t work can you torture him?
Maybe it’s just written down on a slip of paper he has in his pocket? What happens if you kill the rigger before you find the info? you fail :exclamation:and you may be furious bc the game didn’t explain that part to you.