What if you were an Elusive Target?

I saw a few funny fan made Elusives on Twitter that were based on players, so that inspired this thread.

Things to consider:

  • Your title (Ex: The Thinker, The Artist)

  • Location (could be anywhere in the WOA trilogy, or not, if you want)

  • Elimination method

  • Number of bodyguards

  • Any extra conditions in the contract? (Maybe 47 must retrieve a USB off of you, cannot subdue you, etc.)

This is just for fun, btw. Am not advocating for any suicide ideation, of course

  • The Ugliest

  • Hokkaido

  • Any Kill Method.

  • 0 Body Guards

  • No conditions, but since I’m called the Ugliest the face changes per playthrough and also has a varied spawn locations per playthrough as well just to make it unique. I’d be getting a face change hence why I call for unique faces per playthrough.

  • The Concept Hog (ignore the fact that this is two words :pleading_face:)

  • Whittleton Creek

  • Any Method

  • Two personal bodyguards

  • Retrieve the hard drive containing the folder :wink:

  • The Reclusive.

  • Hokkaido.

  • Any Kill Method.

  • 1 Bodyguard.

  • Jason Portman is removed from the mission. The surgeon starting point is removed.

Extra stuff:
The Reclusive rarely goes out of his well protected home, but this time he went out to get a check up on his health. The client, has a bridge in him, and wants him eliminated for personal reasons.

The Reclusive is very anxious about his health, which is why he is in Hokkaido. From any starting point he will be in the restaurant. He does not drink anything from the bar but will go to the sushi table. He goes to the bathroom frequently while his bodyguard will be outside of it and going inside will be a trespassing zone. While in the bathroom he does not go to the toilet unless 47 uses a distraction.

He will go to the fish pond outside and then go near the ledge to take in the view. His bodyguard will be there along with a hospital cop (whatever they’re called). He will then go back to his room (Jason Portman’s room) where he will also take in the view from his balcony. After that he goes back to the restaurant. Loop repeats from here. He will never visit the hospital area, morgue, staff area, outside, helicopter pad, or the spa without player interaction.

If 47 manages to get in the director’s office or Jason Portman’s room, he will find information on him (his checkups, disease, etc). After that, disguising as a doctor or surgeon (if possible) will allow 47 to do a check up on him. He will follow 47 anywhere he goes but will stop either in his room or the hospital room where Jason Portman’s bandages are removed. He will then lie on the bed with his bodyguard watching. While he is on the bed 47 can do a Beldingford/Caruso/Janus/Carlisle style suffocation with a pillow.

That’s all I guess. I’m not very experienced in making good target routes but I tried to include some kill opportunities here and there. If there should be more changes then feel free to suggest something/changes.

  • The Hermit

  • Whittleton Creek, one of the inaccessible houses

  • Any method

  • No bodyguards

  • I never leave the house, I won’t answer the door or consume food or drink that has been tampered with, nor will I answer any of the distraction phones and I am an enforcer for all of 47’s suits and disguises. And my route around my house avoids all the windows, so not possible to snipe me.

I am the most boring target ever.


I think I once got one of the construction workers in Whittleton Creek to noclip into one of the innacessible house after he witnessed me do some sneaky assassin things. So if I managed to let him get a rubber duck, then noclip I might be able to kill you.

  • The Weirdo

  • My room (entrance via window)

  • any method

  • No bodyguards

  • He must eliminate me painless. He also has to retrieve the weapon, And that’d be his elusive target unlock.


i got two choices for ya…

  • The Chicken

  • Colorado, specifically the Farm area.

  • The slurry pit has been removed, instead replaced with a chicken coop and field. Some farm animals added within the farm, too.
    Enter 22 other chickens, identical to the target. (Maybe they’re just guys in costumes, idk.)
    Enter 47, who must deduce who the secret super-intelligent chicken is in the group, and kill them.

  • Special Kill opportunities would probably be 1) knocking out the target, taking it to the house, then shoving him in the oven. :hot_face:
    2) Letting a fox loose in the area.
    3) Scaring the target to death, most likely.

  • No special kill conditions, but there would definitely be a secret exit, and to activate it, you’d need to take 3 chickens and 3 wolves across the lake on a raft, without letting a chicken get eaten.


(Sidenote, I’m more interested in Film/TV, but we already got The Icon, soooo…)

  • The Actor

  • Paris, probably. (Or Toronto if you want to be super cool, but I’ll stick to what I really know…)

  • The indoor terrace area has been retrofitted to be a theatre stage. New disguises added, such as 2 or 3 members of the cast (who already happen to be bald/have bald costume pieces), some Crew members (reskinned Paris Crew), maybe a reporter or two, also maybe some Cafe attendants.

    I definitely would not be a VIP target, so I would investigate every sneaky sound I hear.
    No Bodyguards. Probably a few enforcers in the Cast and Crew.

    • Kill opportunities definitely needs to involve a reference to that one Blood Money level. Swapping the prop gun for a real one, or get on stage and do it yourself (#DavidBatesonOscars2021) Other than that, there’ll probably be one involving the lighting rig, maybe poisoning some food/drink in a dressing room. If I walk to the bathroom that’d be an easy kill, or be lured away by a reporter, or be served a complimentary beverage by the Cafe staff. Unless there’s some added lore to my character or game-related challenge, I should be easy, but with lots of wiggle room for opportunities.
  • Extra conditions would probably be to secure my tablet. It is my pride and joy, and I’m sure everyone at the ICA would want to see my amazing(ly average) art. Lol.

  • The Accountant
  • Based in Dartmoor as I’m from the UK
  • I’d prefer to go by Consumed Poison sipping an exquisitely made Old Fashioned, but I guess that’s up to the player
  • No specially assigned bodyguards, but I’d keep my route to always walking in populated indoor areas
  • Obviously my special condition would be that Restarts are disabled and all Alt+F4s / internet disconnections etc automatically result in a Mission Fail… #TeamNoRestarts or die if you’re going after me, ladies and gents.
  • The Procrastinator
  • Mendoza, since I’m from Argentina.
  • Any method
  • No bodyguards
  • Supposed to arrive via car 5 minutes into the mission but never arrives. Which makes exiting the ET the only remaining option to the player.
  • The Horny

  • Mendoza (for obvious reasons)

  • Sniper rifle

  • 13 :wink:

  • 47 must never be spotted lest her squees alert the guards


really creative responses :smile: I guess I’ll go:

  • The Cartoonist
  • Whittleton Creek - at the backyard party, dodging NPCs who ask “Hey can you draw me?”
  • Lacing a tray of cookies with poison would 100% be the easiest method…
  • One bodyguard
  • 47 must get my drawing tablet, maybe so the client knows I can’t wreak any more havoc with digital art
    edit b/c I forgot the pic:

@TheChicken this is fine and all, but this thread is for discussing what you would be like as an Elusive target, not making up ETs. Wishlist thread would fit much better. (:wink:)

Can’t wait for Urben(auto correct) to make his et. Maybe something like The Trapsmith, The Band, The Reaper, The Craftsman in reference to his creative ways of “dispatching” of ET’s.

Or maybe Euler13 with The Stalker, The Notetaker, The Watcher, The Observer in reference to his ET dialogue videos. Have him stand in a spot while listening in on NPC conversations, maybe occasionally getting called out.

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  • The Green Blob
  • Isle of Sgail
  • Any/Any
  • 1 Bodyguard
  • [optional] Save Zoe and Sophia Washington

I am at the church suit start which is obviously locked from your loadout. With me is my bodyguard who’s purpose is to ruin your SA if you try to snipe me.
The doors below me are locked in the same way as the one for the initiate challenge where you have to give tokens to enter. In my case there is no knocking option.
I placed an RFID coin in Sophia’s inventory, an RFID mine on the cannon and by some way made Sophia walk to the cannon when Zoe does her phoenix speech.
You get some hints to lead you to what I am plotting.

  • If Zoe’s speech is successfully done or the cannon is fired before her speech or Sophia is not killed in the process, I leave my place with my guard to investigate the cannon. After that I try to escape.
  • Otherwise I go down the stairs and start editing footage for my client. My bodyguard leaves the place so you can slip in when he opens the door for a brief moment. Miss that moment and you better have a good idea to still kill me there.
  • If you shoot the camera next to me I order my bodyguard to get a new one. Slip in when he opens the door or KO him to get a key
  • The Brewer
  • Dartmoor
  • Consumed Poison or killed while emetic poisoned
  • 0 bodyguards

I’m like the fugitive ET mixed with tea. Around Dartmoor there are 4 separate kettles and 4 potential targets that will each brew a cup of tea. You must identify the target by how they take their tea (Milk? Any sugars? What brand of tea?) and clues Diana gives you

You can also get the butler to proxy kill by convincing him I broke his favourite china tea set :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


For the sake of information. Favorite cookie and do you dip said cookies in milk?


Ah yes, important intel.
Basic Nestle chocolate chip cookie, but with the recipe tweaked so that it rises more. And this will sound blasphemous, but only Oreos belong in milk

  • the fuckhead
  • vip room then in a race car in miami
  • sneakily tying one end of a rope around a post and the other end around his neck, then starting the race.
  • none
  • will have to find a way to get him away from the vip room where he has spent the last 68 hours spanging all kinds of illicit substances into his fat, old face. he’s messed up so his eventual route to the car is all over the place.

The Paddler
Haven Island
No bodyguards
Must retrieve USB in guarded, secure hut.

I am an avid paddler and was suppose to compete in the Club Crew World Championship for Dragon Boats last year in France before COVID. Unfortunately, the Paris map isn’t setup for that. However, I would love to go to Hawaii for the outrigger canoes (recreation, not competitive), and Haven Island would be a suitable substitution in-game.


But can you out paddle the homing briefcase?