What is Hitman Sniper 2 World Of Assassins?

As in the first mobile sniper game. It’s boring. I prefer the sniper missions in the main game

So I’ve been playing the first Sniper mobile game a bit lately, and I actually really appreciate the game design compared to the Sniper Assassin mode we have in WoA.

  • Accident kills don’t cause everyone to evacuate, meaning the levels feel more varied every time since you’re using more kill opportunities. How Sniper Assassin doesn’t have this feature with all of the accident kills available is mind boggling.

  • There is one target per mission that is required, but he/she is chosen from a pool of targets that are always on site and can be eliminated for extra score. Each mission also adds an objective (get 3 accident kills in 30 seconds, get a x8 headshot streak, etc.) that needs to be completed before extraction. This also helps vary the each play through. In WoA sniper assassin, an optimal route and kill locations reveals itself pretty quickly, and most runs end up the same. These objectives force you to vary how you play with each mission.

  • There are ~10 targets, and having so many to choose from helps their routes to feel less tedious than waiting for targets to meet in Sniper Assassin.

It’s not perfect: having only one map really hurts it, and though I was surprised at how natural the touch controls felt, it can get really uncomfortable after a bit. But it has made me excited to see what they do with the new one.

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