What is the best pistol in freelancer?

im a new player in freelancer and i just wanna know what pistol is the best?

I would say just like in a regular missions + ranking.
For me it’s any Legendary Chrome.
Also Kruegermeier could be used. But its highest rank is Epic, so it takes 2 slots instead of 1.
But in some cases it’s better because it’s a bit more silent than Chrome


Depends. Prestige Objectives usually ask for a certain rarity (usually Epic or Legendary). Legendary pistols also only use one gear capacity, which allows you to take more useful stuff with you.

Generally you probably want to use a silenced pistol, unless you have an objective that calls for an unsilenced pistol kill.

If you’re new to Freelancer and you don’t have many things, I wouldn’t worry about it, honestly. Just subdue an assassin in a Showdown and take his silenced pistol. It’s free and easily replaceable should you lose it. You can upgrade to a better pistol once you get one.


Anymore, I will take either the Assassin’s gun, or the ICA19 (one) to the right of it. If I have doubts I’ll take the assassin’s gun since losing that can be replaced in the next showdown.

I’m not considering bestestness, just usability for practicality. There really is only a select few guns I’ll consistently use.

The aforementioned 2, or the Striker (for when an unsilenced Epic gun is required)
The arctic sniper rifle (to go towards that strelok(?) trophy).

The white silenced shotgun, or the concealable sawed off.

For SMG kills I’ll use any of the silenced Uzi variants. Forget the larger SMGs that (I assume) are meant for longer distance kills. I’m only either aiming for the head at point-blank, or eliminating.

I don’t believe the epic or legendary versions provide better or more consistent aiming. So they’re more trophy weapons than something I’d take out on a mission.

Edit: This is only speaking from my personal experience. I can’t say I’ve scrutinized every gun against another. Perhaps I should.


Just for it’s look, definitely the Gold SilverBaller!!

The Chrome ICA19 is a close second.


Best gun in the game (as far as accuracy imo) is the Black Lily. Damn shame the ranking it got in Freelancer.


All the legendary ballers.

  • Takes only 1 equipment slot. Cannot go lower than that.
  • Scarily accurate and has lethal headshots even at huge distances. Can be used to snipe targets from cheeky angles and long distances at relatively low risk (provided you can run away before guards get to the spot).
  • Good damage and serviceable fire rate. Some well-placed headshots can swiftly deescalate many messy situations. At close range it kills in 2 quick body shots, making it a solid pick for security disposal in heated moments (just have some cover for reloading).
  • Still remains quiet enough for quietly taking down cameras/recorders, setting off accidents and causing bullet distractions.

Most of those points also apply to regular ICA19s and the assassin’s pistol. Even without focus shots they are very accurate and 2 slots of weight is still good.


The assassin’s HWK21 is way, way less accurate than the ICA19s. I tried to “pistol snipe” in Paris with it and most of the time what would have been lethal headshots with an ICA19 just knocked off the target, and it took like 3-4 shots to kill them. At short range it’s pretty good though.

IIRC the Shortballer is also less accurate than the Silver / Goldballer at long range.

Personally I go with the default ICA19 or the Black Lily most of the time. They’re cheaper to replace than a Silverballer while still being very good overall.


I always bring the Assassin’s silent pistol, because it does the job, and I know that if I lose it I can easily get another in the next showdown(like Tetrafish said). Otherwise, for performance I usually go with the Krueger .22 or the extended clip hawk. The best IMO would probably be the Silverballer, its range gives it more versatility, and its power helps get out of sticky situations, I just hate losing it.

For epic and legendary prestige objectives I either take the Silverballer or the 5mm Pistol (though I usually back 5mm up with another pistol or SMG).

Best of Luck!

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That is a pretty badass gun to be fair, forgot to include that one in my post :grin:

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