What is this "Custom Escalation"?

I found this article from Hitman Wiki: Undercover | Hitman Wiki | Fandom. What’s a “Custom Escalation” and I didn’t find “Undercover” Escalation in Whittleton Creek location.


I suppose this is unreleased stuff

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Seems like a fan-made escalation, which for some reason someone posted it on the wiki as if it were real lol


I remember stumbling across this while editing some page on the forum, back when Hitman 2018 was released. The account who made this entry (and many more), clearly doesn’t speak English as their first langauge, and would make all sorts of weird posts on the forum. When confronted by admins and users in the discussion board, they seemed confused about why they were being asked to stop, and responded in broken English. They weren’t hostile or impolite, the account just seemed to talk nonsense.

I don’t remember if they got banned, the admins just reverted the changes made to the pages. Most of it reads like someone used google translate to turn what they wrote into English. The posts always took random npcs names from contracts mode, and then tried to tell some incomprehensible story about them.

It is definetly not related to any modded/fanmade escalation.


Interesting. First I thought he have wrote about “The Covert Dispersal” or some other Escalation in Whittleton Creek by different title etc…


Oh yeah I remember that. I read an article about the Jogger in Whittelton Creek, which stated that she died from Head Trauma or something, following the Escalation with the rakes lol.


You can never really trust the wiki too much. I remember when the entry for Silvio Caruso had something about him being circumcised because of the location having the circumcision knife being on a little stand in his office. :joy:


Thats like the silent hill guy. Nah but seriously the wiki also has an article on mission meanings that i want to edit but cant because its on mobile because some of then are wrong and the sniper assassin or hitman 2 page mentioned a free or dlc sniper map in africa that wasnt real