What legacy games would you like as DLC in HITMAN 3?

If IO Interactive were to make any legacy games as DLC in HITMAN 3, what games would you like to see?
  • Hitman: Codename 47
  • Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
  • Hitman: Contracts
  • Hitman: Blood Money
  • Hitman: Absolution

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This is a multiple choice poll, pick as many as you like!

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If we’re talking about old games remastered and added to HITMAN 3 as a DLC which would use same engine, same mechanics, principles etc, I would like to see every single game in HITMAN 3.
I think those games will be stunning on a modern engine with modern mechanics and everything


I really would like Contracts, as it has a bunch of levels from its previous installments alongside its own levels.


Probably an unpopular opinion around her, but none of them. If they’re going to release DLC for Hitman 3, I’d prefer it to be original content rather than a rehash of an old game. Those games are fine but they’ve been homage’d already. Whittleton Creek, Mendoza, and others are direct descendents of these older games. We’ve seen them, done them. Bring on something new and original instead of going back to the well again.


Imagine every Hitman game on H3

Absolutely agree with this. We’ve had all the nostalgia we need from the franchise at this point, and I think re-making levels from pre-WoA games in the new engine would be an actively bad move.

Onwards to a new and better future, says I.


The thought of Beldingford Manor, Traditions of the Trade and Dance with the Devil remastered on Xbox Series X :drooling_face::drooling_face:

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I’m curious about all of them. I want to see what the big deal is with C47 and SA, you know I want a hi-def remake of The Kiss of Life, and if they could remake Absolution’s plot I wouldn’t even bitch about the graphics

I personally found Blood Money to be a bit outdated, clunky, and unclear. I think if they brought it to the H3 engine I would enjoy it a lot more.

Say what now? Absolution’s plot needs killing and never seeing the light of day again more than Don Yates with some plastic-wrap taped to his bedroom floor does!

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It has a few elements worth saving that this writing team could polish into gold. What does 47 do when he’s tasked with more than just killing? How does that affect his self-image and what role does that play in helping him mature? Why would 2012 Diana not trust 47 to want to rescue a girl going through the same traumatic shit he did?

I know I"m kinda picking peas out a shit stew here but the writers blew me so far out of the water with H3 that I’m willing to trust them to bridge the gap between the selfish dick 47 was in the legacy games and the more mature, emotionally aware 47 of the WOA.

(And yes, I’m counting his time pre-serum. He was watching Diana walk away like a kicked puppy don’t tell me the man didn’t feel shit before Grey found him)


Think this goes back to what @schatenjager posted above that I agree with: why mess around picking peas out of a shit stew when you could dive into the larder for some new ingredients and make spaghetti better than Mama Caruso ever did…? :grin:

Because Travis made a warped parody of a love child with 47’s marrow and Diana’s, idk, hair follicles or something and I want to see her raised right goddamit!

(In case you’re wondering, no I am not taking criticism of my rock solid, well sourced headcanon at this time. Thank you)

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If I never see Victoria McGuffin again in a Hitman game it will be too soon. :smile: All for 47 and Diana growing as characters and that, but there’s nothing from Absolution I want to see come back into the series to explore that territory.

What can we Hitman fans take from Absolution to bring forward with us into the future? “You will never know.” < gunshot to the fanbase’s head >

I, on the other hand, will choose the canon I like :stuck_out_tongue:

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Let’s be frank, @Bourbon, the only canon you like involves 47, Diana, Alexa Carlisle’s Red Room, and not a whole lot else that is Safe For Work… :smile:


I think the better question is which missions would I like a nostalgic homage level like Whittleton Creek to be made for in the next game. My answer to that would be any of the snow levels from Hitman 2 or Contracts, like Bjarkhov Bomb. Not my favorite level in that game by ANY means, but a snow level and blowing up submarines are cool things we didn’t get in the current series.

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If that’s a 50 Shades reference I won’t hear it and I won’t respond to it.

Hey we have the outfits for some of them. Why not put them back in a remix of their original contexts?

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I mean, the only benefit is having better graphics, (possibly?) gameplay, and probably mastery tiers or something
It would be easier for people who prefer World of Assassination type of game mechanics, since literally from 2000 - 2006, the gameplay mechanics aren’t that simple for the current game

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Great metaphor dude :joy: Really, you killed it. Alexa’s red room :joy:

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