What legacy games would you like as DLC in HITMAN 3?

Hitman, yes, but that specific mini game was made under them, and hosted on their servers, was it not? As I understand it, specific content that was not directly negotiated to be part of the deal was not released to IOI, meaning they do not have the right to release that original sniper mission now without SE getting involved in some way. Am I wrong on that?

Sameeee. I want to see those Institute Hits.

47 actually did a hit in Cherynobyl. That one always looked cool.

Honestly I would just want a “Best Of Classics” DLC.

Determine which Level from each Hitman game from Codename 47 until Absolution is the most liked/most popular and make a DLC out of these.


The only level I’d like like to see remade from a Legacy game is “A House of Cards” from Hitman: Blood Money. Not because it’s my favorite level, but because it’s a Casino level in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Besides that, I wouldn’t really like any older missions remade. I want IOI to focus on brand new level(s), Bonus Missions, and Escalations (like Dartmoor Garden Show).

I would prefer IOI giving us items for the Inventory from the old games instead of remaking old levels.

I would list the items from older games I want, but I already listed them on the Wishlist thread, and I want to stay on topic in this thread. I’ll just say that most of the items/suits I want are from either Blood Money or Absolution, and one of the suits I want is from Contracts.

While I agree with you about Hitman Absolution Sniper Challenge, I doubt that will ever happen as I’m sure that Square Enix owns the rights to that level.

Now, in regards to your point about a “4th Sniper Map”, I actually would love to see a new Sniper Assassin game mode map set in Khandanyang. I doubt they’ll ever do that either, but hey, we both can dream.