What outfits(Or types of outfits) should we get in the future?

I like how many outfits we get in the game, but I wish we had more to choose from. I feel like the kinds of outfits we get would kinda stand out. I want more casual outfits. Something like a T-shirt with jeans and boots.

The next game definitely needs customizable Suits/Outfits.


Tactical Turtleneck with gloves. Also, I wouldn’t mind one more (gloved!) variation on the signature suit. Maybe that one you can put on toward the end of the train in Carpathian Mountains.


That’s what I’ve always said, I hope they add that at some point

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I would say most of the outfits we have just a reskin or a slight modification of those we had at the beginning.
And I say it’s enough.
I won’t mind really exclusive design outfit, but another recolored version of already existing clothing - no, thanks.
And I would say even despite of tons of reskins we have pretty enough clothing now


Subject 47, it’s the only level suit that isn’t unlockable in some form.

A proper double breasted suit. Double breasted suits are worn by a few people like Salvatore Bravuomo and Dorian Lang, but it’s weird that they never made one an outfit for 47. The closest was the New Yorker which is just a double breasted trenchcoat.

A Peaky Blinders inspired outfit. Basically the Winter Suit + the beret from The Ancestral Hunter Suit reskinned.

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I also like the idea if a double breasted suit. Other than that, I think it would be cool if 47 could wear some of Dutch’s outfits from RDR2, I really like Dutch’s outfits.

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I’ve had some time to think, so here’s my definitive wishlist for outfits and weapons.


  • Mink coat
  • Sheepskin coat
  • Windcliff Coat like from rdr2

Casual outfits:

  • T-shirt with Jeans
  • Mexican poncho(because ponchos are cool)
  • Branded T-shirt with sweatpants

Idea for an Assassin’s Creed Crossover


  • Altaïr’s main outfit
  • Ezio’s main outfit
  • Desmond Miles’ sneaking hoodie
  • Basim’s main outfit from Mirage.
    All of these would include a hidden blade.


  • Hidden Gun from AC1, this gun is not visible even while being held, but will give your location away due to it not being silenced.
  • The Sword of Altaïr.
  • Connor’s tomahawk from AC3

Now on to regular weapons I want:

  • Revolvers
  • Bows because they are quieter than guns and have good range

I think it would be nice if we could unlock a suit that we can use as a disguise for multiple maps, like a security guard suit.


I have always wanted something like that. I imagine a police disguise would be great. I also would like a mechanic outfit or something so we could be hired to fix something in a map, it would get us into areas easier.

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Maybe knight’s armor? They don’t allow you to climb pipes, climb through windows or crouch. If it was considered a suit, we could come up with some interesting contracts.

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Hazmat suit would be great I would like to wear in on other maps other than Sapienza.

I’d really love to get a version of the Classic Black Suit with a dark red tie instead of the black tie.


And no, that isn’t the same as the Suburban suit with gloves.


I’d like to see the “one of a kind” suit from Absolution with the pocket square.

Oh and I’d also would love to see Pablos Leisure Suit Larry outfit.

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I’d like a Codename 47 pack, with the classic suit in low resolution as in the original game


While playing in VR mode I found I look at my arms and hands alot. So I usually favor suits with watches and gloves. But I prefer to avoid the santa suit in VR cause the sleeves get in the way of aiming handguns.

Suits with finger armor and rings would work well.

Gloves and rings that light up.

Been favoring the engravings and unique paint jobs on firearms in VR. Oh I like the mini ducky gun but would of prefered if it had a double stacked magazine for increase ammo.

Assasins creed hidden blade gauntlet with blade on either side in melee items. Could be programed to be able to steath kill in a crowd.

Various colored gloves. Both fingered and fingerless.

Hero and Villain. Like a joker suit, batman, superman, exc.

I was hoping for Jack Skellington pumpkin head suit for a while now. Maybe even skelleton hands. :open_mouth:

Another one is long hangdown brown hippy dreadlocks with black adventurer cowboy hat with yellow feather and funny glasses with nose and mustache. Amish black clothing. I call it the Weird Al Yankovic Amish Paradise suit. :cowboy_hat_face: + :disguised_face: = ?

I would like even an Absolution pack suits. These wer in a DLC, if I don’t get wrong. I never bought them



Other suit I would like





Need I say more? No, I needn’t, but that’s never stopped me before.