What version to buy of hitman 1 and 2 for access in hitman 3?

Hi hitman forum

What is the best version of hitman 1 and 2 to get if i want access to them in hitman 3 ?

I see the Xbox store has access passes and packs and also in hitman 3 menu it mentions hitman goty and hitman 2 gold ?


the versions to get that come with all of the content are the Hitman GOTY edition and Hitman 2 gold edition. depending on where you’re from, you can usually get codes for both on cdkeys.com (make sure you’re buying them for the right region) for quite cheap and then download the access passes for Hitman 3 once you’ve got them all set up.

you could also buy the access passes directly but they are quite a bit more expensive than just buying cheap keys for the full games and using those to get access


Hi Spods

Thanks for the information , I really appreciate it

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