What Videogame(s) Are You Playing?

Definitely need to bring back one of my favorite topics. Like it says in the title, tell us about what games you’re playing right now and let us know what you think of them.

(Original thread by Pennywise380, who apparently was recreating a thread from the forum before that… :grin:)

To start us off, Assassin’s Creed Origins was on sale so I finally picked that up. I hate the shoulder button combat and I still think that anything in the modern day is completely pointless and can’t believe anyone ever thought it was a good idea.

On the other hand, ancient Egypt is absolutely gorgeous, climbing is still fun (can’t wait to find the Sphinx) and I think the stealth has more potential that I thought.


Currently bouncing between 3 games.

Cyberpunk, having a great time as a street kid, run into a few bugs, but until I stop having fun playing, or lose my save file, I’m going to keep on trying to 100% it.

Tony hawk pro skater 1+2 remaster.
Seriously my personal game of the year. I was way into the original games, despite never having any of the balance needed to attempt even skating down the street in real life. This remaster is the best one. All the levels, but with the skating mechanics from 3 (so reverts and manuals are in). Trying for a 6 figure combo is still as satisfying as ever, and the multiplayer is drop in, drop out, which is perfect for a lunch break or other short gaming session.

Dead by daylight. Seriously if you haven’t played this one, give it a shot. Only asymmetric multiplayer game like it I have seen where both sides are actually fun to play. Lot of “microtransactions” however they are not the result of greed so much as a studio consistently coming up with new characters to add in the game, as opposed to paying more to unlock stuff on the original disc


I’m currently playing Hitman 2 (doing some remaining challenges), Grand theft Auto IV as I got it on the steam sale and Splinter cell Chaos Theory.


I got Just Cause 4 for free on PS+, its the last Just Cause game I have yet to complete and will aim to finish it just before the launch of Hitman 3

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Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2. Definately the best remake of the year.


Well I got several games going on at the same time, so please bear with me. :slightly_smiling_face:

On PC:

  • The Sims 3 - still can’t resist its open world design and endless possibility, even when TS4 being out for half a decade. Currently playing a family consisted of a single mother and her baby son.

On PS4:

  • Cyberpunk 2077 - just like what Ash said above, there are plenty of bugs. But I am slowly playing through each quest and enjoying the progress. Starting as a Nomad, now at lvl 17.
    Here’s a screenshot of my protagonist V:

  • Hatsune Miku Project Diva Future Tone - I am not very good at rhythm games, but I play this one for its song collections. Character customization offers many varieties. Here’s hope of my fingers won’t break before I play Extreme difficulty.

  • HITMAN™ 2 - Guess no further introduction is required here. Now I usually play contracts in the trending section.

  • Need for Speed: Rivals - This one offers plenty of actions, police chases, and high-octane races. It’s just so intense to being chased by the entire police force with supercars while accumulating Speedpoints with multiplier.

  • Watch_Dogs: Legion - Well I’ve beaten the story twice now, currently working on not losing any operative and still beating the game with permadeath. Despite the game doesn’t offer a long gameplay, I will still recommend to anyone who’s interested. I certainly hope the upcoming online and DLC contents will bring more gameplays.

On Switch:

  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Oh man, now I got 3 places I visit daily. Hitman Forum, the bathroom, and the island (I name it BowlingBro btw) my character lives. The game is very relaxing, and there’s no actual goals to achieve in it. Plus the cute reactions and dialogues of the animals. The game simply makes me happy.

Phew, this is a very long post, but I hope you enjoy reading this. Thank you! :blush:


What do you think should I buy last Tomb Raider or not?

Currently only Call of Duty Warzone with friends on PC. I really love it and it is very entertaining.

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Me who can’t complete the last gig because a bug exists where it can’t be started. :).

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Are you enjoying it? I loved 2 and thought 3 was great, but I just couldn’t get into 4. I miss the hundreds of bases and towns filled with stuff to blow up. I loved just casually moving from town to town, blowing everything up, reaching 100%. Was not a fan of the vehicle challenges.

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the game is alright, but I feel like it misses what makes Just Cause so fun, there are far fewer things to blow up and have fun with.

Like you, I thoroughly enjoyed 2 and 3, and 4 feels like a definite step backwards imo.

For some reason, the devs decided there should be a low ammo cap, which really disrupts the flow of the game and feels extremely out of place.

I haven’t even touched the vehicle or wingsuit challenges this time, there must be hundreds of them littered around the map and I have no desire to do any of them.

The only thing it does better than previous games is that it seems to be pretty well optimised in my experience (PS4), JC3 would frequently drop below 15fps for seemingly no reason, and even crashed a few times.

Overall, I could only really recommend JC4 if you are a big fan of the previous games, and would like something new, the weather system is pretty cool in that regard. But If you can’t get into it from the beginning, you won’t get into it ever. Id honestly recommend replaying JC2 with the wingsuit mod if you ever get an urge to play Just Cause


I’m starting Breath of the Wild and continuing to play Death Stranding after 190 hours LOL (oh, and Minecraft Dungeons for fun with friends)


Binding of Isaac
~1100 hours

Hitman 2
World of Warcraft

Also lately been looking into my shelf of old games and played those a bit:
XIII (not the remake, dear god)
Hitman: Blood Money
Splinter Cell

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Hell yeah. I loved JC2 and could always go back and enjoy it. Everything just works out in it so nicely.
Fight the army with your grapple and throw people out of helicopters you take over.
Drive though the desert in a family car and keep jumping over canyons until it falls apart.
Or just fly up into the highest mountains, get out and enjoy the solitude as the Topachula engines fade and all you hear is the wind blowing.


I’m currently playing Door Kickers 2. It started early access this November.

Now I normally dislike early access, but I just discovered the original Door Kickers some months ago (which apparently released 2014 already) and really enjoyed it too.

The general idea is the same as in Door Kickers 1. You control a group of special operatives in top down view, and have to coordinate them to clear rooms, free hostages and secure assets.

The great thing is you can play it as a puzzle game (build the perfect plan for a map, and let it play out afterwards) or as real time tactics, with or without pauses, if you prefer.
It also comes with a very intuitive level editor. The UI, graphics and mechanics are greatly improved over its’ predecessor. The setting was moved from SWAT in urban environments to Rangers in the middle east. Personally, I like the SWAT setting a bit more, as modern middle east feels overused as a theater. But by now it grew on me, and it works out pretty good for this game. It shows that the developers care and try to build something new, not just remake the first game with modernized graphics. I can fully recommend it if you like puzzles or tactics.

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Alright so I remember last year writing up a whole bunch of videogame reviews. I never did manage to go through all of them but I figured I would pick it back up again so here goes my first new one.

Note I don’t give out numbered scores, those are for idiots. Also I am not a profession, I am just highly opinionated.

Still Superman: Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2
Publisher: Activision
Developer: Vicarious Visions

Personal Note: I haven’t played the multiplayer or Create-a-Skate features enough to hold a consistent opinion o there won’t be anything on either of that here.

In Control (The Gameplay)


The first Tony Hawk game is now almost 20 years old approximately yet it is perfectly clear that Vicarious have done such a terrific job redoing everything from the ground up you would have no clue this series is 20 years old. Everything is responsive, every transition between tricks is fluid (the exception is triple flips I find that those aren’t always quite right) and they even imported stuff from the later games like reverts, stat points, manuals, alternative tricks, mid- grind and mid-manual tricks and more. The moment to moment skating is top notch with only some minor complaints especially

The biggest flaw is that there isn’t a lot of variety between the objectives and stat point placements even between the individual skaters. Hell if you complete the tour then the objectives stay complete unless you reset all over. There is also a lack of customisable options in regards to clothing and tattoos that being said it is far more in-depth that the originals. Speaking of the pro skaters there is a wide variety, the entire evolution of skateboarding as a world wide phenomenon. You have an Australian here, you have Japanese skaters, Brazilian ones and the like, all in all it is a greater variety.

But luckily there is still variation thanks to the best new addition to the series in the challenge system. The challenges are varied and very skater has two unique ones for them with the rest being specialist challenges, there are ones for creating special gap combos (called Get Theres), ones for doing in-game feats and the like. Challenges have rewards tied to them in the form of customisable options most commonly deck graphics.

Write-Up: Responsive, fluid and incredibly faithful with other elements of the series sewn seamlessly into what turns out to be a faithful experience marred only by the occasional unresposive flip.

Even with an expanded line-up there is lack of replayability over all the skaters in terms of the main challenges and stat point collection gets dull but the challenges are more than enough to get you playing after it is all done.

Guerrilla Radio (Sound and Music)


The sound design is good I mean it isn’t anything all that far out but all of those tiny sounds are there from the wonderful sound of your board dropping, the different grinding sounds to the meaty crunch then VHS rewind when you bail and the sound you make when you hit Special. There is some voice acting most of it is things like the taxi drivers (nice detail the Downtown cabbies have thick Midwest Accents and the NYC drivers have thick New Yawker/Italian-American accents), the only real character with voice acting is Officer Dick (voiced by Jack Black).

Of course the soundtrack is still epic since it is a combination of the first two both of which are filled with a variety of skater culture adjacent genres from pop punk all the way to hip-hop. All of the classics are there even ones Vicarious said they couldn’t get (most importantly Anthrax and Public Enemy’s “Bring Tha Noise”) and Superman plays over the start screen. The new songs are… OK I guess I think only two of my own custom track list are new now: “She’s Famous Now” by Reel Big Fish (sadly not “Sell Out”) and FIDLAR’s “West Coast”. All the other songs weren’t for me or I got tired of hearing so I think a broader variety could have helped.

Write-Up: The sound design is top notch with the same care here as there are with the visuals. But the new additions to the soundtrack can’t compare to the classics to me, this is a matter of subjective taste though and you might enjoy the new slate more.

Mid Twenties Skateboarder (Level Design and Animations)
The animations are spectacular with every trick being done in great detail, there is a variety of different bails, idling results in your skater just going “fuck it” and sitting on their board and every trick is fully realised. They put a lot of time, effort and sheer love of the games to do all of this even just mo-capping it must have been a nightmare for them.

Note the actual lighting, visual fidelity and art direction is covered next this is about the actual design. So the levels are faithful recreations of the original levels so THPS set is the best for me since I found 2’s levels to be to large. Burnside is still the worst fucking level in this whole series, I mean it is so small and incredibly clutter couple with the worst gap list. Oh yeah they updated the gap list to account for the new tricks you can pull off now.

Evil Eye (Graphics and Art Direction)


I am not one for graphics but all of the textures are nice, the graphics are clearly the level all sports games should be at but aren’t and the framerate is smooth. The real improvement is in the art design there is so much attention to detail and Visions lives up to the name adding colour and street art to much of what used to be drab areas full of earth tones and greys and the textures are better replacing the samey textures of the originals are now detailed and their materials have been changed to varieties concrete, woods and metals. Rails made of metal have chipped paint and grinding them causes sparks to fly and water splashes from fountains and drainage pipes

Then there is the lighting which makes all the difference in levels like Venice which is now in the late afternoon as the sunsets over LA or School and School 2 which feel like it is summer vacation early in the afternoon enjoying vacation time and the skyboxes unlike the originals. Oh and the skyboxes are all improved in Streets you can see the Transamerica Pyramid and the Golden Gate Bridge, Downtown gives you a full look at the Twin Cities area, NYC has depth it isn’t fog, Downhill Jam now has this vast red rock canyon river going off into the distance with a bridge over it and you can see Santa Monica’s pier from the Venice pavilion this greatly improves the feel of these levels.

Lovely little details are abound as well like references to the virus (School’s message ticker talks about online learning after summer break and a mall in Minneapolis (Downtown) talks about contactless pick up), Venice beach has banner wanting you to help “Save The Pit” (The name for the skatespot Venice is based on it was demolished months after Two’s release) and I mentioned things like rails having chipped paint and even certain ramps in competition parks have scuffed paint. They really did remake this game from the ground up and they clearly loved working on these levels.

Write-Up: Vicarious Visions absolutely meant it when they said they remade this game from the ground up they have used the current generation of technology to the max to add a much needed sense of vibrancy and difference to the levels. Some have been completely transformed by this.

In full: This game is an Essential from me, perhaps the only sports game in the past decade to do so and one of the few remakes. This should supersede whatever desire you have to play the originals in any capacity other than curiosity towards the staggering differences. The game handles like a dream making skateboarding as fun as it was two-three decades ago if not more so, they lovingly took things from the other games and placed them with care, the levels have a level of detail and eye catching beauty now and the classic soundtrack is there.


I disagree with you on one point.
Burnside isn’t the worst, downhill jam is. Short, boring, few good lines or gaps, lots of pointless water hazards.

For me all the replayability lies in multiplayer. I’ve never been particularly competitive, but I find it wonderful

@Swangtheugly how you doing on Season 1 of BO CW I’m currently sat at rank 85 although I’ve had a few days off over Christmas. Plan on hitting it hard over the next few days to get as close to master prestige as possible!

Level 76 on the battle pass and I have a few more common weapon kills to do to complete the rebirth event! Enjoying it so far.

apart from dipping into hitman 2, i’m playing through pillars of eternity and a wee bit of day z (which i’m not sure whether i like or not).