What Videogame(s) Are You Playing?

Oh yeah, Telltale’s Expanse episode 1 came out today.

As I’ve heard from early previews, the first episode is surprisingly short – just over an hour for me and I explored as much as possible.

I’ve never seen the show, so a lot of the lore vocab is foreign to me, but the events are mostly a prequel, so I’ve heard, so there’s not much about Drummer I really need to know…

The visuals are a neat heavily stylized “realism”, the story revolving around a small crew of space scavengers stumbling upon a cut-throat secret is a good hook, though the episode kind of ends just as it starts to turn up the heat.

Good thing: they made the whole story beforehand, and are releasing episodes every two weeks. Not long to wait!

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They are still doing episodic release? You would think they would have pulled an IO or Deck 9 and realise they can release a full game that is serialised.


Yeah, it still feels like it should have all come out at once given how sudden of an ending it is, especially since once it’s over, a menu popped up saying “the next episode is not installed. Go to the Store?”

I wish it would have been 1 week apart, but I understand that they’re probably doing this so that they can keep discussions going about Telltale’s return and thr fact they have a new product out into the world.

…even so, it’s weird to call it a fully Telltale product. Seems like they financed and oversaw the production using their resources that built up the new company, and Deck Nine were the true devs behind it.
The credits even say so (and Telltale/LCG are mostly credited with executive roles)

(It even feels like a Deck Nine product, since there’s much less dialogue interactivity than a normal TTG entry)
Their real test will come with Wolf 2 (which is being developed with ex-devs/writers of the original)


I completely forgot about Deck Nine developing the game, which just makes me think that the episodic release is more on Telltale since they are the publisher that or the State of Colorado forced Deck Nine to do it but I highly doubt that…


Ah, shame. Yeah, I mean, it´s an FPS first and foremost, so unless you actually enjoy the shooting part, it won´t get much better. That being said, the game aces the shooting bit as far as I´m concerned. Super-satisfying. Also, a lot of the areas are designed like arenas, so there´s some maneuvering space for good-enough players (which I´m not, lol). The stealth bits are essentially just alternatives for if you wanna avoid a firefight, and as a stealth-enjoyer, I often opted for that route, even though I should´ve gone for the loud one to make the most of the action…

Yeah, if it´s not your cup of tea, then don´t force yourself and just watch a walkthrough. There´s plenty of them.

They did an amazing job with him in that regard.


Been satisfiying my imperialistic alt-history needs with Vicky 2:


Bugsnax is FUCKING CUTE :sparkling_heart::heart::white_heart:

The voice acting is very lively, I love listening to every character, even if one is mean. The grumpuses are adorable and emotive.
The bugsnax are way too cute, the voices and names are so fun omg

The gameplay is a little slow, in that performing captures that require multiple tools feels like it takes one too many button presses, but it’s fun in a puzzle sense.


No KKB theme song yet :cry: … I can just listen to it on my own though

EDIT: OH ALSO they show a lesbian couple in like the first 3 minutes of the game, that’s epic. Hell yeah get 'em


Okay so first off, more WolfQuest. Recently spent some time in the dlc map, Lost River. It’s a really neat location with an abandoned town in the south end, there are little clues spread throughout that allow you to try and piece together what happened. So far as I can tell there was an emergency evacuation, but I haven’t found out why yet. Very comfy, pretty place with lots of personality.

Also, I grabbed Arkham Knight on the recent steam sale and have been enjoying it a fair bit. Having been a fan of both Asylum and City, I was always turned off of Knight because of how heavily involved the batmobile system was. I’m still not the biggest fan of all of the tank combat, but really it’s not that irritating like I expected and you can still play on-foot for what I gather to be the majority of the game. The city is great fun to explore, and everything feels so fluid. It’s been a while since I played Arkham City, but I don’t recall the flight and traversal feeling so smooth.

Oh and I guess this might come as a bit of spoiler, but the game’s been out for nearly a decade and this is something that you find out very early on. I love that hallucination Joker just hangs out with you at random points in the game, I love his little bits of dialogue and how he digs into Batman’s psyche. It’s a great dynamic and adds a lot of colour to otherwise empty spaces.


Broken Sword 5 - The Serpent’s Curse

I love this series, i hope the next game will be announced soon.


Im trying to get into nier automata. So far its really fun woo


I completed Demon Souls and got all weapons, rings, magic and miracles on New Game Plus 3 times. There were a few challenging boss like Flamelurker, King Allant, Old Monk… used stealth kills on them.
Yes Demon souls is one of the best video games I played. Thanks for the recommendation.

Now I have picked up a game which I bought last year and waited for the fix. But I am sorry to say this game really disappointed me.
I dont know why they are releasing a sequel, I wont play even it is free. Its been more than 1.5 years and they didnt fix the lead story/characters yet. This is the 10th or 11th bug I found and broke my patience.

Sorry for this rude opinion, but they should have focussed on W****** 4


It’s a darn shame you’re having such issues with CP2077. I also waited to play it until earlier this year and I had no problems at all, just a few instances of floating NPCs, but never anything with the main characters. I wonder if it’s perhaps a PC/console issue?


It´s not a sequel they´re releasing, but a DLC. And with it there will also be a major overhaul of the game´s mechanics apparently. Essentially it should be the fix.


@empressofpersia Its on PS5 with the latest patch. Maybe a regression defect. This screenshot is of yesterday. Seen character walking in doors and cabinet like ghost. Destroyed cars in parking lot with no reason etc etc.

@Rimland Thanks for the correction. As usual they hype it so much I felt like a sequel :laughing:


I will give that game a try if they add a metro system.

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For CP2077 wait til Phantom Liberty Launches cause it’s gonna be a soft restart of the game and adds a lot of QoL stuff and fixes.

I liked Cyber Punk, but the game is very much the Bioshock Infinite of this type of Genre where Pre Release it’s the best thing since sliced bread but Launch it’s decisive at best with a lot of false promises.

Cyberpunk needed NG+ which I’m still holding out on even if it’s a complex feature to add. further Character Customization, being able to swap between Male and Female and re edit your characters face. Lastly having Chrome. For a Cyberpunk game I’m in disbelief over the lack of alternative limb type/material.


Only gamers from India, Japan, Australia, UK … can relate this unusual behaviour.
:joy: :rofl:

This is for all open world games which has cars to drive.
It is better to drive left or I may crash my real car head on some day :crazy_face:


Drive on the middle of the road for respect points


You will love Watch Dogs: Legion


And Sleeping Dogs as well.

Hmm now I can use a pork bun. :yum: