What was your first ever post?

This thread is dedicated to your first ever post on the forum. And by that, I mean any iteration of the forum, as in, pre-Discourse, old Discourse and the current forum.
Mine was an “extremely clever” and “hilarious” joke in a thread with a name similar to “how can I win hand to hand combats” where a user encountered a bug that didn’t allow him or her to actually beat the guards when attacking them from the front. I responded with “Attack, then interact. Not that hard, isn’t it?”
As soon as I posted that, I regretted it. Two minutes later I got a response from @UnitedFyodor telling me “Please don’t necrobump if you don’t have anything interesting to say”. And you know what? I completely deserved that response :sweat_smile:


I complained about not having my aluminum briefcase. It was a solved in a later patch.

What an unexciting start to the forum.

Wow it was all I did for a while.


A sniper contract I was (am) super proud of, that later got featured. Still my best work for sure.

Even made a graphic for it lol


Nice timing on this thread - as of 2 minutes ago, it’s my 4 year anniversary of being part of the Hitmanforum!



I’m not too sure, but I know what got me my first like on the old forum (according to the badge), so it could be this.

Awh… he was so smol, so innocent :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
also kinda awkward


I asked IOI to make Diana available as a target in Mendoza. The post was popular, a poll was done with 3 people out of 4 favorable. After a few hours it was deleted without any warning by an admin, I guess.

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My first post on the last forum was leaking the video briefing for The Broker in 2016 before IO shared it anywhere.

Don’t even remember how I got it tbh.

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It was me being happy that the 2018 holiday “surprise” from H2 was coming out on my birthday.


Unsurprisingly my first post was in the Featured Contracts thread :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I even wrote a cute lil paragraph on why I thought my contract should be featured :blush: got two likes

Whole thing

^This wasn’t it, but it’s related. I made a topic asking about the Sniper Assassin game that came with… Either Absolution or Hitman 2, and if it was still available for download to be played. It was bugging me so much and no amount of research I did could get me a definitive answer! But one of the Mods (N) deemed it to be… I dunno. Spam or too stupid of a topic to exist and moved it to purgatory.

I told myself I wasn’t going to post and was only going to lurk, but here I am. :cat: And this is my first post for this new spiffy forum.



My first post was on an old account that I abandoned after hating the name, its pretty humble compared to most people’s first post, I just needed an ID for a contract :slightly_smiling_face:


My first ever post was in 2011 on the old old forum. I signed up after reading a bunch of dramatic whining from one member in particular that irked me. I left a reply saying “Congratulations, you win the award for most melodramatic post” and never expected to use the account again.

A decade later and i’m still here. Fuck


Just a simple introduction.