What was your last purchase? 2.0

I would love to find the guy who decided that buttons were ugly and punch him in the face. Everything has “touch” controls or voice controls now. Buttons work, damnit! I am NOT talking to my headphones.


Yea! I’m not at all excited about a lot of the features on these things. I don’t need 11 noise cancelling settings. 2 is more than enough (max cancelling, off). I don’t need an app interface. I don’t need touch pad on my ear. I’ll just use the control on my iPod or phone to change a song. I don’t even need blue tooth, but that one I will use. I basically have always had the QCs. I think I have had every pair, but they are delicate and these are steel so I am going to try them and hope I don’t crack them like all my QCs.

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A fine addition to my collection


Croissant Plushie idk why I bought it but I did


It’s a tax write off clearly


For once I found a Black Friday/week deal that I couldn’t pass up.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League Trilogy 4K for 300 DKK (43 dollars). 46% Discount. But there was also a buy three 4K Blu-rays for 269 (39 dollars). Which the Zack Snyder Trilogy was also part of. Got the same trilogy, two extra films for less, then just buying The Snyder Trilogy alone.

I’m still waiting to see if the large cooking pan + smasher goes on sale. Would love to have a big pan to cook multiple burgers.


Trounce - The Seven Crowns LP
Riven - A Brutal Reality EP on Cassette.

I’ve started buying hardcore, punk, noise and anything generally lo-fi on tape. It’s cheap and sounds appropriate on that format.


Bought Hi Fi RUSH after weeks of being a SIMP for it. Also Quake 2 with the lil money left since they were on offer.

This is as DOPE as it looked all this time.


Bought Alan Wake II. EGS had a Black Friday coupon with 33% off. Sadly It’s not on Steam and neither is there a physical version.

Hopefully I can wash off the utterly mediocre experience that was Spider-Man 2 for PS5.


Lmfao based


One year Exclusivity on TEGS as per Remedy’s deal with Epic. It can be argued that this is one of the rare instances of an Epic Exclusivity deal gone right since it allowed Remedy’s vision of Alan Wake 2 to be fully realized without compromise.

Enjoy, it’s better than the Nike product placement that is Spider Man 2.


Oh you mean Peter Parker’s bikecycle simulator for PS5?


Might not actually be the case this time, as Epic has taken full publisher role with the Remastered previous game that came out a few years ago and the Sequel too.

The remaster still hasn’t appeared on Steam (and even then, they still haven’t gone back to patch the enemy’s broken death-ragdolling on EGS) so… its either gonna come in a LONG time, or never…
My bet is unfortunately never.

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I’m enjoying Spider-Man 2 quite a lot, though stylistically and story-wise it does feel like a major step down to what I just went through with Alan Wake 2. I hope you enjoy it.

Spidey 2 might go down as the best open-world “turn off your brain and just swing” Spider-Man simulator – I keep getting distracted just to zip around and stop random crimes, much to the chagrin of my co-worker who finished the game weeks ago and wants to talk about Big Story Moments – but honestly I’m finding some of the side activities and gameplay systems to be a real drag.

Combat is also extra chaotic, and a lot of the counter/dodge stuff seems to blend together and I get to Low Health more than I should.
Batman’s combat, I never was confused or surprised by what move to use against an enemy coming for me.
With Spidey, I’ve sometimes got to look at Spidey for a dodge, or the enemy for a parry, or the enemy for a dodge-only-no-parry-allowed. And the indicator for the parry goes from yellow to red? I’m like 70% through, I still get tripped up by all of it. :frowning:
The timing windows need to be given earlier IMO

The stealth is exactly the same as before, and while I like the simplified gadget wheel, the stealth is still just… pretty boring pick-one-enemy-off-at-a-time.
They removed the one that sticks two enemies together or instantly to a wall from afar.
Though thankfully (but only in a side mission so far) you could do simultaneous takedowns on enemies which was great.

Also the lack of QoL and silly side-features is noticeable and sad.
Podcasts are entirely missable. No social media feed.


While yes the Remaster has been published and taken by EG, it should also be added that the original Alan Wake is still available on Steam alongside American Nightmare which before being delisted cause of copyrighted material originally was published by Microsoft but has since been retroactively changed the publisher to Remedy.

All Epic Games did in the case of Alan Wake 2 and by extension the Remaster was fronting parts of the bill as per any game publisher just to make a game happen. With the downside being that Epic has financial stakes involved.

Alan Wake 2 is a weird case where Epic gave a very hands off dynamic with this game specifically letting Remedy do its thing without meddling.

In terms of the Remaster you aren’t losing anything outside of hidden QR Codes which are nothing more than flavoring to tease the at the time yet to be announced Alan Wake 2.

Every Publishing agreement is different and we won’t know the exact details for Alan Wake 2, but this isn’t the first time in the industry where exclusivity ended and games remained exclusive on set platforms. What we do know is the information we have already that being Remedy has full control of the Alan Wake IP and what they can do with it. Given Remedy wanting to do their whole Expanded Universe I don’t see a world where Alan Wake 2 ends up being on the EGS store exclusively permanently.



Hey at least not going to school means not getting bullied at all, amiright? We gamers are pros when it comes to risk assessment! :nerd_face:


One of the rare instances where I can say GameStop is beneficial.

Wanted to get Super Mario RPG and knew I had a $5 Monthly Pro Membership Reward.

Turns out I had a bunch of points too so I redeemed them and got an additional $11 Discount. Totaling the discount to $16.

Ended up buying Super Mario RPG new Physically for $43.99 instead of $59.99.


Yay! After like 3 days of random day-of-delivery delays to this thing, I finally got my copy of Dying Light 2 - the one good “deal” out of all the regular “Black Friday” deals. Got it physical for 30$(+tax+shipping) which saved me ~7$ if it had been digital 40$.

Canadian product, so it has this sticker: French voiceover available with patch. Huh!

Yesterday I also bought this out of impulse, because damnit, 30$ to have access anytime to the entire Tennant’s run of Dr. Who is pretty great, IMO.


I have still never seen even one episode of that show…