What was your last purchase? 2.0

They still count as middle eastern, cool :DD If you were planning to add similar records, I’d definitely recommend this:

Not his best album but the only one available on vinyl. It does still include 3 legendary songs of his, Ki Ashkato Pak Mikone, Setareh Haye Sorbi, and Shab Gerye.


Thanks, will definately listen to this


Today I’ve found and bought somewhat of a holy grail for my Collection…

This is a “3D” Poster from 2009, its worldwide limited to 500 pieces and now i finally own it. Number 408 to be precise.

I’ve been looking for this quite a few years now and found it only once for an total unrealistic price in the US ebay.

Today i just found this on ebay “Kleinanzeigen” (small ads) app, in a town 30km away from me, and for “only” 300€.

Its in perfect condition and even has the original box in almost perfect condition!

You can’t believe how thrilled i still am about this! I used pictures of exactly this piece as a reference for my tattoo artist for my back tattoo :joy:

Todays a good day!


Not gonna lie JoJo had some bangers back in the day, “Too little” and “Get out” went hard.

Nice drunk purchasing!

Is this like as the song impacted your life? Man that’s a wild idea. How do you do it if there is a song from when you’re 11 and another from when you’re 22 on the same record? Ah! NEVERMIND, that’s an excuse to obtain a second copy of the album isn’t it?

Edit: I looked it up. It’s more like in the order that you obtained them. I guess that’s close as likely you listened to the whole thing. I’m 38 so I was only in my early teens when getting one song at a time became a very common thing. This would be so fun for a person like me who still owns all my songs but really rarely if ever bought the entire album. Also I think iTunes can just do this for me with one button click lol.

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It’s a music nerd reference to music nerd book and movie “High Fidelity”. No one in their right mind would organize that way.

For my part, it’s alphabetical of course, but I use the artist’s first name instead of their last. Neil Young is in the Ns. I guess this first name preference could lead to situations where you have, like, Frank Zappa and Dweezil Zappa in different places instead of in the Zs, but also… it doesn’t actually matter.


Yep, this is how I do it.

Other thing I’ll also add is for artist’s names that begin with numbers or symbols they start the collection and go before A rather than after Z.

2Pac, 3 Doors Down etc.


Right. That’s how my computer sorts files and folders, and by golly that makes sense to me.


This purchase was made back in December and was promised for March.

Still, it arrived 3 days earlier than what the shipping website said yesterday! :joy:

It’s Baldur’s Gate 3, on disc! With a bunch of silly goodies (stickers, a map, a BIG poster, soundtrack CDs, and patches!) In a massive encyclopedia-sized box!

Unfortunately I’m gonna want to finish a game I’m currently playing to make room for committing to this one :sweat_smile:
I got Alan Wake 2 NG+, Hi-Fi Rush, and Disco Elysium that I’ve got on my plate.
The overstimulated brain likes overstimulation, I guess? :triumph:


Egg chairs have finally arrived to go with the massive oil painting and the look for my fireplace is complete…


I’ve never sat in one of those irl. are they even comfortable?


I can confirm eggs are very comfortable to sit in, take my word for it. :blush: :chicken:


Yeah they are very comfy, perfect for reading as when you are in one the walls around you muffle sounds outside the chair to some extent.

But yeah, I don’t think I’ll ever be as comfortable in an egg as @TheChicken who is a natural! :laughing:


@TheChicken be like: “You merely adopted the egg. I was born in it, molded by it.” (*insert Bane pic with chicken face here)


Holy shit that’s one of the best jokes someone has made about me! :rofl:

You win!


I love it, it is a good merging of the “Cozy Spaces” vibe the internet loves and the “I expect you to die!” aesthetics I love.



One of my friends sent me a message saying:

“Good evening Mr Bond, I’ve been eggspecting you”