What would be the most absurd final twist? (spoilers?)

I’m still a fan of “it was only a hallucination or dream” and 47 is still trapped in the asylum.

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I mean, that is already canon.

This would only happen when you set up one of your specials and a motorcycle magically flies into a train car.

47 wakes up in a snowy forest, he emerges from the dense and sees Denmark burnt to the ground by angry PC HITMAN fans.

47 wakes up in the Asylum, just like in Codename 47. Soon after Ort-Meyer enters.

Ort-Meyer: You have to give up your delusions, you are not a clone called 47.You are a male model called Helmut Krüger, you been in my care for over 10 years now, non of this is real. I thought the role play with fashion show in Paris would help you remember, but you are slipping further into the delusion.

The reason why 47 and Helmut looks a like is because it’s his subconscious is trying to tell him something. It’s all an fantasy, Helmut is a model who feel on hard time and created 47 to escape his reality. Ort-Meyer is just a man who been trying to help him, since he broke.


Mid Credit Sequence we see Birdy appear saying “wake the fuck up 47 we got some loose ends to burn” and Absolution 2 is confirmed with 007 being canceled.


47 realises that the events of the past three games didn’t truly happen he is still in Paris bleeding out on the floor in Paris having been shot by CICADA agents after trying to impersonal the Sheik. The past three games have been his dying hallucination but then it is secretly reveal that is actually a crazy dream 47 is having just before he shoots Skurky in Sledgehammer. But then it is revealed that the church is actually Purgatory and the series since Contracts has actually been a coded allegory for the afterlife

Then we hear Diana talking as it is reveal she is in her family estate writing her very own spy novel and the whole series has been fake from the very start but then we see her little writing room as a snow globe and we see Ortmeyer abusing a clone for playing with his toys.

But in actuality all of that is a dream 47 has while he is being tried in The Hague awaiting his trial for various high profile assassinations and he is put in a cell with Grey who proceeds to give 47 grief for buttoning his prison jumpsuit to the top button. But you see it is actually manic visions Diana is having after going insane and killing the ICA proclaiming herself queen of the World until 47 shoots her and then we realise Diana died of cancer and 47 is telling his kids about how he met Diana.

Oh but I am not done as it turns out CEO Arabak has snuck into the animators room and highjacked the ending. He turns to the camera and goes “Ain’t I a stinker” and then Travis drops a piano on him and goes “Winning”. Cut to credits.


There was never a Diana. She was in 47’s mind all along, justifying his kills.


Building on that, 47, Diana and Grey are all one person with a personality disorder

I’ve got this strange feeling 47 will kill Diana :open_mouth:

Not sure why? I guess the plot reveal around her parents is surely going to come out in this game?

Who would have thought the most absurd final twist of Hitman 3 would be IO screwing people.

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that it wasn’t actually a real Blackballer, and badeaguard was right! OR, 47 is transgender. Wouldn’t be a bit surprised at that one

Smith is the big brain behind all this story :grin:

it was Jason Portman’s dreams all along


Ok so i know im kinda being a idiot here, but i dont think the constant would be lucas grey and 47’s father, becuase technically that one dude from the first game is, because he “created him”