What would be the most absurd final twist? (spoilers?)

You can choose multiple options

The must absurd twist
  • 47 was a 48 clone all along, the real 47 died years ago
  • Lucas Grey is 47’s father
  • The Constant is Lucas and 47’s father
  • Diana was in love with 47 all along
  • 47 wakes up and he’s still in the asylum
  • Smith saves the day
  • 47 discovers he has a son

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I put the spoiler warning just in case one of these options ends up being true :smile:


Option: H) 47 is Johnny Sins.


Oh man, these cracked me up more than they should have

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Penelope Graves faked her death and masterminded everything to take down the world’s most powerful criminals.


Honestly all the father related plot twists would feel empty and meaningless…the trope has been used to death. Smith is a joke, and the “it was all a dream” twist would only cheapen the experience. The number thing feels pointless too…number 47 was chosen because it was an awesome number so trying to change it to 48 or 57 or whatever feels meaningless…even the so called “real” 47 is just another clone so it hardly matters whether they try to say that 47 was some other number. The child discovery also feels empty…it was never hinted at that 47 was in a relationship with anyone before so trying to introduce some newborn out of nowhere hardly feels important. So all of those feel kind of empty. Diana being in love with 47 seems absurd though…not sure this is that kind of story…but I would be ok with 47 getting a happily ever after story if iOi felt inclined to go that way.

Janus donate his DNA that create Subject 6 makes more sense than these tbh.

Its very obvious 47 disappears in the end as a kind of enigma, urban legend.
It will not be a happy or sad ending. 47 finally is free of the obligation to take lives to make his own. He can’t survive and be known as his life will never be peaceful. But he can’t die either.
A bigger twist will be Providence surviving and Diana joining them and double crossing 47.

47 dies and the illuminati win

It was all a corgi dog pulling the strings from its command center computers. If that happens then I need to use the bathroom.

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(Spoiler from the trophies) CJ catches the damn train and kills 47 in the process


Lmao all of the options are so funny

I don’t think that can be assumed from the trophies. There is a trophy that is called Count Down From 47 and says 47 takes another nap with the trophy icon showing a syringe but I don’t think that indicates death…and there was a screenshot floating around that showed 47 topless with medical equipment hanging off his chest like the stuff that is put on unconscious patients to monitor their vitals but there are no obvious bandages on him or scars that indicate any serious injury. Which leads back to the syringe icon for the trophy…he is presumably put to sleep with an anesthetic of some kind…not killed.

The spoiler I am talking about is that it is about a train.
47 does not die? What is next, CJ won’t shoot us from drive-by?! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nah, 47 will die because of having too many number 9s. :hamburger:


“47 wakes up and he’s still in the asylum”

That make sense! That’s why he’s hearing all the time these voices all over again, yeah Diana i’m speaking about you!


Remember to use spoiler tags when discussing plot points for H3.

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Rocco being on time for work with his pants on.


That we’d be forced to rebuy Hitman 2 content on PC.

Oh wait.


Once again, reality surpasses fiction. My goodness.

47 finds redacted documents detailing that he has the ability to asexually reproduce , grows pregnant with the first of the next generation of assassin and it’s triplets