What would you think if next Hitman were like Assassin's Creed

Ok, not like AC in terms of gameplay. But some sci-fi plot or something like that where 47 can take hits on different moments of history. Or maybe 47 taking hits in the 70s or 80s.

I think something like that would be cool, but people would react reeeeally bad to it.

I would think no, well at least not as a main entry into the series. As a spin off series following maybe another ICA agent, like Soders. The problem with the 70s and 80s is that 47 wasn’t really active in this period per say. He first joins the ICA in 1999. Before that he was doing jobs with Lucas Grey for Ort-Meyer/Providence.

But from a gameplay perspective no, Assassin’s Creed is a Action Adventure game with stealth elements, often a very simplified approach to stealth. I think a spin off series with other ICA agents would be a better fit here.


The biggest problem with that idea is how it’d be somewhat ridiculous (even for Hitman standards) that 47 can time travel. The Hitman series has always been about semi-realistic hits (the craziest things being the at times unrealistic kills) and they’re decently grounded in reality.
Introducing time travel not only makes it completely unrealistic, but it also complicates the story, since the villain could also time travel, leading to multiple paradoxes and things like that, and eventually, it doesn’t sound like a Hitman game anymore. A plot with time travel may fit Assassin’s Creed, but it doesn’t fit Hitman.

also the Hitman series has far more complex gameplay and fans wouldn’t like seeing the game oversimplified if it used AC’s gameplay

The premise of AC is that it’s a modern-day person in a historical simulation, the tech isn’t really any more farfetched than the stuff they’re testing in Chongqing.


That robot Hush in China was eyperimenting with a very early Animus prototype. When 47 killed him, it set back Abstergo Industries for years.

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The thing from Assassins Creed I think would actually work really well in Hitman is the multiplayer where you pretend to be NPCs to sneak up on each other.

Only way this would make sense is if it was handled like Jesper Knight, where they’re effectively reconstructing an assassination at the ICA facility with a built set, rather than it actually back in time.
Either that or a Contracts-esque set of flashbacks, but they’d have to be within 47’s lifespan

Ehh, they can easily handwave it away by saying that 47 ages very slowly because of the cloning process.

i would be perturbed that one of the few non-military games to be set in a contemporaneous time period made that shift.

Death To Spies 4 when.

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