What's in the USB Drive?

Probably the greatest mystery of the World of Assassination trilogy; what is on that USB drive that Ljudmila Vetrova wants from Tyson Williams?

While it drives (pun not intended) most of the conflict for the mission, we never actually get to upload it and see what is actually in it. Our only source of information is Ljudmila, who is in my opinion the trilogy’s most underrated target. She’s so devilishly manipulative yet somehow lovable.

Ljudmila actually gives two conflicting answers: that it’s Tyson’s personal data to Steven and that it’s her own information to 47. She is lying to one or maybe both of them.

Seeing that Ljudmila is also manipulating Steven and plans to abandon him, and also that if the USB drive did contain incriminating information about him, Tyson would probably have destroyed it, her story to 47 somehow sounds more sensible. Then again, why would she tell the truth to 47?

It can be assumed that the drive contains something incriminating on either Ljudmila or Tyson. In the former case, she wants it back so that Tyson couldn’t use it to expose her. In the latter case, she wants it to ruin or blackmail him.

What exactly it. It could be a detailed file on the Ljudmila/Tyson that could be handed over to authorities. It could be evidence linking them to a murder or a major political scandal.

Or it could be something else entirely. Maybe it’s intel on a specific client, maybe even the Partners and their new identities. Maybe it’s blackmail material on Steven himself, in case he gets cold feet. Maybe one of Ljudmila’s old con artist buddies, like Pietro, asked her to get it for them.

What do you guys think? Sky’s the limit.


Also, unless Jason Portman was secretly selling his services to the NSA, I’m not sure how his computer system controls every database in the world.

The missing text of the Fuck Cabin Fan Fiction. The stuff of legends.


The Codename 47 HD Source Code.


tbh I just assumed it was nudes/a sextape since they were dating at some point.

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I always figured it was probably a sextape of her and either (while drunk) Steven or with (instigated by Dalia Margolis) Jason Portman. Which is why Tyson wants is it so bad. To use it as a leverage to probably get more control over Haven and it’s assets.

I found her explanation to Tobias Rieper more believable than the one she gave to Steven. It seemed like, not knowing who 47 was and assuming he was just a thief, she had no reason to lie about what was on the drive but with Steven, she had a legitimate reason in that she was manipulating him for her own ends. She had nothing to gain with 47 other than lying for its own sake.

I think that lends the data to just being her own “personal” stuff.

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The recipe to KFC breading.


It could easily be something she could use to blackmail Tyson as well. So many options including secret chicken recipes :joy: