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Well I am no expert but the first thing you should do is put it in some form of protection, doesn’t have to be a Mylar sleeve. Then get it appraised at a collectables shop or some other form of cartophilist to see if it is still worth something then just ask them what the next step is.


Protect it for now. Look it up on eBay and see what it’s going for. Then decide if you want to list it for sale online or maybe try to take it to a collector shop locally.


This weekend has been pretty crazy. We had a sold out weekender at our venue - 2 all day shows in a row with 24 live bands. My band got to kick things off and then I ran the sound in the main room for the rest of the weekend. Fucking great, but exhausting. I was dripping with sweat from our set and immediately had to go sit behind a mixing desk for 8 hours. Good shit. Here’s a photo from later in the 2nd day. Life almost feels normal again.

Not quite lollapalooza but still, pretty good. @Yacob I hope you watched Limp Bizkit :wink:


Don’t know about you but it’s been cold and raining for over a week since our heatwave ended :confused:


Yes we did! They sound just like they did when I was in middle school. They played a good set. All of their old stuff. Then they closed by having a studio version of their new song play through the speakers while they thew a bunch of t shirts or sweat shirts into the crowd. Earlier in the show the guitarist chucked his guitar to the crowd too. The new song was called Dad Vibes :joy: and the lead singer has to be wearing a wig bc he looks insane.

I’m glad to see you’re back to work !!! Stay hydrated !! :droplet: :musical_note: :heart:


Just got my second and last shot of the Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine. The only side effects I had was a soar arm and hearing the windows theme ever time I wake up.

Now to see if I’m unlucky with nr.2.


You removed the pest from your backyard then dropped them off to be a pest in somebody’s else’s backyard?


That’s what you’re supposed to do to be fair

You mean to the mice?

I understand but what about the people who get uninvited guest in their home?

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Yeah, you’re supposed to drop them a mile away from your home.

People and other animals are a bigger threat to mice than mice are to anything else really. They’re harmless

Move the mice he says

I suppose that’s the humane thing to do but there’s no guarantee that the next person feels the same way. Unless you’re taking them in yourself, they’re in just as much danger as in the wild.

Yeah well that’s Australia where literally everything can kill you


America is just as if not more dangerous than we are when you think about it. I could make Canada sounds dangerous if I put my mind to it.

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Yeah but come on. When mice get compared to fucking napalm then you know you’ve got problems


True but the mice aren’t that lethal nor are they endemic to Australia. Besides the mice plague was months ago, I am pretty sure the East has been working like mad to stop it.

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You better be because while I can admit our country is that one unbalanced level the devs forgot to go over before shipping, the Emu War is mostly sensationalist lies from a century ago and based on a Reddit-level misunderstanding of history.

Can we make fun of China now? It is one thing to loose to emus after all you have to be tough to live in Australia but it is a whole other level to lose to swallows.

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Can’t believe I’ve made so many posts, haha
Thanks for the :hearts:

I’m not awake at 1:55, you are!




Starting tomorrow I will work from home which is nice because I live over an hour away from work.