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Ha, I’m afraid not. There are a lot of these old sortof manor houses all across Britain built by rich lords and earls and the like, with lots of old monuments and follies they liked to build for show.


I’m enjoying my little vacation away this weekend, and I’m so very happy to see my sister perform (heck, her whole class did an amazing job on their devised play!)

but man I also can’t wait to get back and get into more helldivers :joy:


I finally got around to unlocking the Codename 47 suit. That was fun.

Super Bowl just started. Let’s go 9ers!!!


Fuck. One… fucking… blocked… kick… :man_facepalming:


I will never stop playing video games. No matter how old I am.

You guys feel the same?

I might not have that much time anymore; having a full time job and 3 kids. But, those nights I have tucked the kids early and still have energy left in me, and no work to catch up on, then I will prioritize my time dive into the gaming bubble.

I just finalized Alan Wake 2. Just the feeling of putting headphones on and letting yourself soak into the universe is just pure awesomeness.


They’ll have to pry my controller out of my cold dead hands!

From my experience visiting relatives, nursing homes all range from dull to miserable. At least when I reach nursing home age instead of boring stuff like bingo we’ll be playing our antique Switches and PS5s!


I have always thought of this too and imagined the games that don’t rely on reaction time to be way more popular than they are now. Golf might be more popular than football for us then :joy:


Lost my job a few weeks ago. I’m really bummed out but I got a good reference out of it.

It was nothing malicious and they really like having me. It’s just that it’s a small company and I worked in the same department as my partner, and from a business view they don’t want to just have 2 people doing art for a company when they’re both from the same household. Illness or things like holidays would screw them a lot.

I’m lucky I was even hired, apparently I’m the only family member they ever hired so that’s good. And I hope to bounce back later but I’m still just not in a great mood understandingly.


Alrighty, I just need to rant a little now that “The Big Game” is over now. I just want to begin that I don’t inherently hate all sports, I enjoy watching sports from a Local/Minor League level…. I just don’t enjoy “The Major Leagues” aspect of it but it’s largely because of celebrity culture and corporate aspects that annoy me and it’s very abundant usually a week leading up to and during the Super Bowl.

This year there was a certain level of fanaticism that I experienced within my household and it’s largely because of commercials that are forgotten about within a week. And then there’s the tabloid headlines of the next big “relationship’s” that make you think about how inauthentic some stuff comes across because shipping culture to the point where it feels borderline “industry plant like”. Between the big budget commercials that try to either be funny or tug at my heart strings combined with the unspecified relationship of unknown origins, I think the 2024 Super Bowl is where I’m gonna check out from the event because it just highlighted specific aspects that take away from a relatively big and career defining game for a lot of people.

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I personally think this country has entirely too much focus on this game, it’s used as a yearly distraction from real problems, is a huge waste of money, and I’ve never understood people’s obsession with watching sports to begin with. If you like a game so much, go play it. Stop taking up valuable television time watching something you could actually go do.

Sorry, but I’ve always been annoyed by “professional sports” in general. The 2008 game in particular was super annoying with everybody, even total strangers, asking me who I was rooting for without even asking if I follow the sport at all, to the point I just started telling them I hoped the arena collapsed on everybody in the middle of it.


Got the Big Boss codename in Metal Gear Solid 2!!!

I had more difficulties dealing with Fatman than with the Harrier, Vamp, the 20 Rays or Solidus. Fortune is more of a puzzle encounter than a fight itself. Just need a cardboard box.


My wife was out of town again and I’m waiting right outside the airport to pick her up in what is called a “cell phone lot,” which is supposed to be a free parking area where you wait for someone to land, exit the plane, and pick up their baggage, before you actually enter the airport grounds to pick them up, and holy shit, God bless fucking America, it’s a gas station. They put a small but official airport sign right before the entrance that says “cell phone lot” with a cute little arrow, and it’s pointing at a fucking Valero with a Burger King attached, and goddamned if its goal to influence my mind and separate me from a little bit more of my money in exchange for something I don’t need isn’t working already, because now I’m hungry. I don’t think I’ve ever had a clearer moment of the mundanity of corporate American life making me wish I was just dead, with a picture of George Carlin and The Joker carved into my tombstone with a joined word bubble saying: “Told ya!” I’m sad.


Sounds grand to be honest


That means your cell phone lot has potty access then!! Ours just has a couple of portable potties that I have never been desperate enough to try out. I really wish it had a real washroom for those days when you’re already there a flight that was on time until 10 min before arrival time is now magically 45 min behind schedule.

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I just came back from a Europe tour and those little truck stops are a nice little refuge from the road. Nothing like getting out at a services after 6 hours of driving and getting a bunch of crisps and snacks


Well, I’ve been sick since yesterday and originally thought it was just gonna be no worse than a sore throat since that’s what my sister dealt with. However, last night it made me feverish and I still am, so now I am not so sure what this is. :face_with_diagonal_mouth: Or why it would affect us so differently. It feels guilty to do this but I’ll have to drive to the store to get some meds and covid tests since my father is also having symptoms. I don’t want to spread it but not much else can be done. …On the bright side maybe I could use today to knock out some challenges on Ambrose Island after all this is sorted :person_shrugging: been meaning to do that.


Get some rest and feel better!!


thanks mate :slight_smile:


Alright, so I bought the flamingo and rubber ducky from the new Merch store, (USD, plus paid shipping so, oof, more expensive than expected) and the way the charge shows up on my credit card nearly gave me a heart attack.

“Final Boss Bundle” is the name of the store right? Well, for some reason, the payment’s official service name or whatever you call it, came in as “SALESVIDEOG” on my paypal.

Like, “Sales Video”? Made me think I got hacked or something and someone used my account to start some financial scheme :sweat_smile:. But I’ve double-checked all the data and that’s very assuredly the Merch store… just weird business naming in their financial system I guess


Or someone stole your card and went to the adult book store :joy: