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Thanks maaaaan! It’s very cool for me. Me and my friends went abroad to see one of their shows last year thinking they’d never come here on this farewell tour. At one point I thought I’d never get to even see them, let alone work alongside them for a day.


what were they like?

i missed out on a ticket. a mate of mine had one going spare but i didn’t see the message :man_facepalming:t4:

It’s ridiculous how good they sound to be honest. Like they’ve never been away - Especially considering 2 of them have been relatively inactive in music (at least in a touring sense) since the band broke up the first time around.


From a recent TeeKO 2 game with some internet friends. This shirt looked like such a vibe I had to be the one who made it a real thing.

Is it a vibe? I think so at least :joy:
(It would have looked even better in a hot-pink tanktop option, but I don’t wear tanktops in my outfits. No idea why/how/where I’d incorporate that…)


Look who’s back in business!

And what changed? I kept hitman running while I… did whatever. Then I had a thing come up from Invidia asking me if I wanted to allow Nvidia to… I dunno, record hilights from Hitman. Then I hear the theme song in the background. I alt+tab over and see it’s running again.

Well, time to catch up on anything I missed if it’s not too late. F’ing sucks this happened (18 days ago), but I’m equally as happy to have this game back.

Edit: This one chokes on a thick veiny one, but w/e. I guess we can’t have em’ all.

Edit2: Aaaand the black screen is back. I’ll try what I did this time. Well, I didn’t “try” anything, it just happened. At least I got Faba and the Ephemeral(?) suit.

Edit3: Seems I just have to let the game run for a few minutes before it becomes active. Weird, but if that’s what it takes that’s what it’ll take. :roll_eyes:


It’s Easter time now so I hope everyone has a good day if not have this bunny with a pancake on its head


I was out seeing a live orchestra perform tunes from the Animaniacs series today!
Alongside Rob Paulsen (Yakko, Pinky, etc.), Maurice LaMarche (The Brain, etc.), and a writer for the series Randy Rogel. It was fun!

I’ve only seen the Hulu reboot but hey, even back in the 90s they had some damn good tunes.
Also Rob and Maurice are known for soooo many roles and it’s been nice hearing them talk about a lot of their work.
Rob was actually 2 of the 4 members of the TMNT in the past, and surprisingly also played Carl Wheezer in the Jimmy Neutron series?! Wow!
Maurice of course is extremely prevalent in the industry and showed off a lot of Futurama voices too. I knew of most of them, but it’s really impressive to see him rattle them off live!

I didn’t know nearly any of the songs played since I haven’t seen the original, (though now I’m very inclined to) but it was very fun and cool to see the orchestra play live while Rob and Randy sang some of the songs.
Coolest bit had to be them doing Yakko’s World at the very end, all live and with the cartoon shown, and no one messed anything up! That’s the one old song I know and man it’s fast and neat!


Hope everyone has a great Easter :egg: :rabbit2:


Happy Easter, HMF! :rabbit::hatching_chick::egg::tulip:

If you don’t celebrate it, happy Sunday. I hope it’s chill for you :slight_smile:


Was this the performance with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra?

Unfortunately, I was unable to make the trip to Toronto for that. My wife used to work for the TSO over 20 years ago and takes very little convincing to go, but the timing didn’t work for us.


It was, yeah!

Aw man, that’s too bad. Hopefully you guys can get another chance someday. The crowd was full of 30-somethings or older who had seen the original show and from what I could overhear during intermission and afterward, a lot of them really enjoyed the nostalgia.


Well some dumbass people working on internet hookup in my area chopped a power line and so several streets were without power for over 8 hours. I wouldn’t be able to survive in the era when electricity didn’t exist.


Oh sure you could have! They weren’t glued to their screens bc screens weren’t everywhere (or didn’t even exist). You’d likely work more and play charades or something like that lol.

But sorry your power is out. I hope they fix that sooner rather than later.


You could since you wouldn’t even know what electricity is :stuck_out_tongue:


You got a point there. It’s just so surreal to me that there was a time relatively recently when people barely did anything at night. “Oh it’s dark out, guess it’s time for bed, this dang inflation has made oil for the lantern cost 4 cents a gallon and I’m not gonna waste it”


After a 12 hour shift in a factory or an entire day in the field, you’d be hugging that pillow till sunrise :grin:

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Booze, music, narcotics, sex, gambling… @lukefsje of the 1700s or the 1300s would probably have found something fun to do.


Yeah, pray to god he doesn’t have the plague. :skull_and_crossbones:


I’ve had a deep inner-eyelid stye that’s been present for months, and I just noticed yesterday that sometime recently it clearly drained itself out and went away. Rejoice. This is kind of minuscule and dumb but I felt compelled to share with someone.


I hit my head on a low ceiling while carrying a guitar cab up some stairs and chipped my front tooth. It doesnt hurt but am worried about it corroding further over the course of time. Pretty bullshit.

At least its only a small chip and you can’t really see it.