What's the funniest thing you heard someone say about the disguise Agent 47 was wearing?

I love wearing the cyclist disguise in Sapienza because the dialogue from the characters is so funny. “Nice…um helmet.”


So much funy lines, but my faves are the ones from random girls in the streets complimenting my suits:

“Mmh, that suit fits you so damn good :kissing_closed_eyes:

Special Mention to Jackie Carrington: “There Goes My Next Ex-Husband” :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


More of a suit dialogue, and not a disguise dialogue, but this one is pretty good.

Guard roasting 47 with a 007 line.


Sapienza as a chef near the boats/church “eating good food is like being close to god.”


Isle of Sgàil
Architects’ Lounge(architect disguise)
Woman architect: ‘‘Mm… nice H A I R C U T. I like it. So modern…’’
i’m dead XD


Not sure if I’m quoting this correctly, but when you are disguised as the cyclist in Sapienza and try entering Villa Caruso:

Guard: ”No way I’m letting you through… I can see all your junk.”


Patrick Carlisle addresses 47 as “Maid-man” if you approach him as a member of the housekeeping staff.

This might be a very English thing, so I’ll elaborate. A “maid” is generally a female cleaner who works in a house or hotel, often young, and typically wearing black with a white apron. A male version would be a “cleaner”, which is the unisex term. To refer to a well-built man like 47 as a “maid” is (intentionally) hilarious.

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Some of the dialogue when you get in someone’s face is ridiculous too. I.e. i was doing a dubai run and i bumped into the target: “oh, i had beans for dinner they must’ve been bad, i’m sorry” or something.
And in Mendoza near one of the bars a random guy asked me if i “wanted to kiss” when i got in his face.
Pretty sure someone also told me i could use a mint somewhere.

Was about to quote that one. And there’s a similar line people say when he’s in The Patriot outfit loll

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LOL! Totally gonna have to check The Patriot one out now!

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