When does ioi reset (Explosive Pen) and (Lil'Flashy) two props

Hello players
Can ioi reset (Explosive Pen) and (Lil’Flashy) in hitman 3

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Can they? Yes.
Will they? Dunno.

There was also the white earphone garrote item that was one of the 3 choices before ‘The Undying’ first went live. Then it became an unlockable or was given to us through some other task.

I don’t think anybody knew or expected the explosive pen to work like it did. It’s just a throwable explosive. I expected you to be able to set it down, then an NPC or target would pick it up, then you’d detonate it… or maybe it’d count down. Similar to how the pen in (that one Bond movie) worked.

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It won’t return, but it can appear in another form, such as completing 80 special contracts