When I launch Hitman 3 on Steam, Epic games launches [DECIDED]

Yes, I already saw this topic on the forum, but nothing helped me. Actually, I downloaded a not entirely licensed version of this game (Epic games version, not Steam), completed one mission and decided to buy a license. I bought it, downloaded it, but when I launch it, Epic games pops up. I tried enough options, deleted all the io interactive folders along the AppData path, completely deleted Epic games (even cleaned any mentions in the registry using Revo Uninstaller Pro), then reinstalled Hitman, but it didn’t help. I did the same thing with the game, completely uninstalled it and reinstalled it on Steam.
P.S Sorry for this bad English, Google translate)
DECIDED: paste this command “'-SKIP_LAUNCHER” into the launch options of hitman 3, this command will bypass launching Laucher.exe and launch the game through HITMAN3.exe without any problems