When (if Ever) Will Agent 47 Come Back?

I’m mostly confident that 47 will come back someday after Project 007 is over (mostly), but what’s everyone’s confidence levels on this and when (if ever) do you think 47 will come back? Also, what would the game be like?

It’s a question of time, however taking a step back from the Franchise will do it some good, after three very well crafted Hitman games in a row. It’s time to let it breath, giving it the time it needs to renew itself. Personally I believe that they will take a break from Hitman from most of this console generation, right now IO got both a 007 game in the works as well as a new I.P that we don’t have much information on at the moment.

I hope they might explore a sequel to Freedom Fighters before they return to Hitman.


The future of Hitman all comes down to how 007 performs. I heard that they are thinking about making a 007 trilogy, if the first game performs well.

I really hope IO doesn’t suffer the same journey as Starbreeze, who are the developers of Payday 2. They got the rights to the AAA walking dead game.(remember that?) The game sold so badly it almost obliterated the company from existence. They are now forced to develop Payday 3 to keep the company alive. I doubt this will happen with 007 though, this really is the worst possible scenario

In any case, a substantial break from hitman is needed. This trilogy ended on a bang, and I’m glad it didn’t keep going after this until it got stale.

I would probably guess we will get another hitman game before this decade is out, but that is by no means confirmed


If I have to be honest, I don’t think that is the case. IO might have the right to this James Bond video game franchise, but they don’t own it and will only have it for as long as EON and the Broccoli family allows it. Deals like this isn’t uncommon, we just have to look back at EA obtaining the Star Wars license which ends in 2023 and we know that Ubisoft is working on their own Star Wars project.

I don’t think anyone should count on IO writing off Hitman, especially now when H3 have been a great financial success for them.

This I will agree to, I don’t think we should expect another Hitman game for the majority of this console generation.


It’s from a GameInformer article, but I don’t honestly put too much stock in it myself. A trilogy sounds like far too long of an investment for someone else’s IP like you said

Relevant cake quote from the thread:

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I do think a trilogy is very possible, if the first game is successful. The question is rather weather or not EON and the Broccoli family will continue with IO past the first game.

Also whit the IO team expansion, they will be able to handle multiple franchises. It’s a thrilling time for IO and their future.

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If they stop to do Hitman for me is the worst thing because there’s no another game like this, I was looking for find some copies but nothing interesting.
If they do Not understand the way they are doing business

I’m ready for a new Freedom Fighters! Super happy that IOI is doing Bond, but if I were to be honest, I was hoping they’d go back to their other franchises - especially Freedom Fighters.

That said, completely agree that Hitman needs a rest. We’ve had 3 great Hitman games, but it’s time for IOI to stretch their dev and creative muscles!

I don’t think Hitman/Agent 47 is gone for good. It’s like Elder Scrolls for Bethesda, Doom for Id, etc. you know that eventually they’ll come back to “their” game. For IOI, that’s Hitman. 47 will be back. But, I do think IOI needs a much deserved break from our favorite franchise.

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Honestly I think we gonna see a new Hitman in 3/4years max 5. For the new current gen absolutely yes, would expect a juicy dlc goty edition for Hitman 3 by the end of this year. I think in late 2022 we could see 007 and maybe mid 2023 we gonna hear something from the new Hitman. Them will take a breath from Hitman that’s good and sure, but it can’t be like BM/Absolution. Hitman it’s their powerful game.

I hope so :+1: I can’t stay long time without

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