Where do you shoot to blow up water scooters in Haven Island and Hokkaido and can you even make them explode

This would help me with a lot of accident kills in the future.

I think it’s more easier to make an oil leak with a wrench first.
I personally never got the right spot to shoot, if it even exist on snowmobiles and jetskis

I don’t think it’s possible to blow up a water scooter with bullets alone, at least when parked. Didn’t really test with snowmobile.

You definitely can make them explode by bringing explosives of your own.

You can also create leaks on scooters/ snowmobiles with wrench.

If you look up runs of my old featured contract ‘Hope Springs Eternal’ from 2016, it’ll give you a good idea of where to hit snowmobiles in Hokkaido.

Generally though, aim for the gas tank (or the tank then the leak underneath it).

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