Which Formula 1 game the best game in the formula series?

I’m a big fan of formula 1. If I say big fan, I mean a huge fan who started watching it at the age of 5, when Michael was driving his first championship season for Benetton. I watched every year, every championship. When they started releasing formula games, I played them non-stop. I played all parts from 2009 to 2022. And I can say with confidence that 2013 was the best version in the last 10 years for sure. Of course, f1 22 is the newest and best formula game in terms of graphics and physics, but I mean the best formula game in its release year when compared to other years. The fact is that F1 2013 is the quintessence of excellent graphics, physics and general emotional sensations for any fan of the formula. In 2013, there were very different emotions from the game compared to today from f1 22. I bought F1 2013 again 4 months ago to play. In f1 2013 you will really feel that you are taking part in the championship and racing with the best drivers. Now there is no such thing, now there is a clear understanding that this is a game. Previously, these boundaries were erased. What do you think about it? Which of F1 games are your favorite?