Which hitman game has the best final mission

Hunter and Hunted for me.
Can be done guns blazing or stealthed, both are satisfying.
“There’s a bullet for everyone.”


From the classic games, I would say Requiem is my favourite. Just the whole build up thinking 47 is dead, next thing theres a massacre in the Church! :joy:

From the WOA trilogy, it would have to be Untouchable because the other two endings more or less were just building to Hitman III if that makes sense.


Gontranno > Paris for me. Rest are some of the worst missions in the entire series. If Hokkaido counts, it wins in a landslide.

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H2016 had 2 summer bonus missions and then one extra level that came our way later. I think it was called ¿landslide?. Does that count as a final level? It’s better than Hokkaido.


And also a plus for requiem is that it was the 1 time that diana betray 47 in all of the series and that make the whole thing of 47 dead more beliveable and socking

Yeah that line before u play it in my opinion is sad because i thought that o shit 47 gave up and that bullet is going to be for him but after u complete the misión the lind becomes very badass


I think Requiem is my favourit.


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Can not beat Requiem I feel bad killing the reporter though.

My favorite final level from the older games is definitely ‘Requiem’ from Blood Money. I really love the idea of ambushing the villain and his goons at our own funeral in a beautifully designed church.
The fake out credits was a pretty cool trick and the glitches with Cayne and his wheelchair are also pretty funny, my only real complaint is that the Ballers we use in the mission doesn’t have any of our attachments we’ve brought throughout the game but other than that it’s a fun final level.

My favorite final level from the WOA trilogy has to be Hokkaido, Japan. It’s a beautifully designed level and the disguises being your key to gain access to specific areas is a pretty interesting concept.
The targets are also pretty great, Erich Soders has some interesting opportunities to kill him with either sabotaging his surgery, destroying his donor heart, or just straight up confronting him in our suit which gives him a heart attack. Yuki Yamazaki is also pretty interesting, she’s beautifully designed and I love how she’s this brutal lawyer for the Yakuza.

Now in my opinion the best level design for a final level in a Hitman game is definitely the more open ended and free ranged maps as it adds a lot of replay value in the long run.


I agree when I first played the game I had no idea you could wake him up lol.


For sure the prettiest final level building of the older games. I wonder what church (if any) that was based off of?

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