Which hitman game has the best final mission

Which level of the old hitman games(final mision) is your favorite?
And of the WOA which final level is your favorite
Which in your opinion hitman type final mission works better the ones that is basically a big shootout (the old hitman games)or the one that has more freedom(modern)?

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Redemption at Gontranno > Meet your Brother > Hunter & Hunted > Requiem > Absolution > Carpathian Mountains



Carpathian Mountains > Absolution > Hunter & Hunted > Redemption at Gontranno > Requiem

I haven’t played C47, but I assume Meet Your Brother is somewhere at the bottom. :stuck_out_tongue:



I agree. It is pathetic that C47 isn’t available to play on consoles. :grin:


I like my climactic Hitman missions to be filled with gunfire and revenge, so here they are, from best to worst…

Requiem: Shooty shoot!

Hunter and Hunted: Shooty shoot! (You can also do some sneaky sneak!)

Redemption at Gontranno: Shooty shoot!

Meet Your Brother: Shooty shoot!

Untouchable: Lamey lame!

Absolution: Might as well shooty shoot through this crap level. It also contains a very difficult final boss, Opening A Door.

And Situs Inversus and the Ark Society should technically count as final levels, but they’re more traditional Hitman sandboxes so I won’t list them as they’d be at the top.


Yeah a shame that IO is too busy working on a Bond Game no one asked for and a generic fantasy game… Also what happened to Children of Planet so and so?


Yeah i prefer hunter abd hubted because if you want a level full of action you can qnd if you want a level more steathier you can but i wont lie the target is not good

I’ll steal @FortyPlusSeven’s idea and not rate the gameplay for the final missions since they’re pretty much similar but the ending cinematics

  1. Meet your Brother
    Hitman: Codename 47 Walkthrough - Hard Difficulty - No Commentary - YouTube
  2. Redemption at Gontranno
    Hitman 2: Silent Assassin - Full Game Walkthrough in 4K - Professional Difficulty - YouTube
  3. Absolution
    Hitman: Absolution - Absolution - Infiltrator, Suit Only, Heart of Stone & Predator Challenges - YouTube
  4. Requiem
    Hitman: Blood Money - Full Game Walkthrough in 4K - Pro Difficulty - YouTube
  5. Untouchable
    HITMAN 3 Carpathian Mountains - Master Difficulty - "Untouchable" Silent Assassin/Suit Only - YouTube
  6. Hunter and Hunted
    Hitman: Contracts - Full Game Walkthrough in 4K - Professional Difficulty - YouTube

“No one asked for”
Well, you see, a massive corporation “asked” for it by paying IOI a lot of money. For a studio that’s spent the last 6+ years in financial uncertainty, having a dominant franchise like James Bond approach your offices and ask for your partnership in making a video game is a veritable godsend.

I am always down for more Hitman from IOI. But if that’s not very successful for them, then I want them to spend some time making non-hitman, so they can continue existing as a company and make more Hitman down the road.

In the words of Arthur Edwards:


No one asked for = i didn’t asked for. Just for clarification.


As far as I know, it was the opposite; IOI approached the license owners first to get the license. They were skeptical, but IOI was able to convince them.

Still, it is a massive feat for IOI.


Neat! Awesome to see the background on that meeting :relieved:

I think, if anyone can do a thoughtful and engaging James Bond game, it’s IOI.

I’m also quite a big fan of the classic James Bond movies (Sean Connery #1), so that definitely helps c:

(in fact, the 007 inspiration shines through the whole of WoA, and is definitely part of what hooked from that original Paris level)

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Redemption at Gontranno > Hunter & Hunted > Requiem > Meet your Brother > Untouchable > Absolution

Best end levels are when you destroy a load of people, and it’s the most fun when you can decide what weapons to do that.
I don’t care much for Absolution, it is not memorable at all and lacks any kind of cool sendoff; even Untouchable has a few good bits like the whole reveal that you’re on a speeding train


Yea the ending of absoulution is like the devs know rhta the game is shit and the story so they were like uhmmm yea lets just act like nothing happen it rembers me a litle of the ending of sonic 06 but even the ending sonic 06 is worse because is literary stop the story of the game to ever hapen

I approve MrOchoa’s list :handshake:


Im got a question what makes Redemption at Gontranno to be so good?

@Version_Omega I suggest we put a voting of options in this topic. That would be fun :crazy_face:

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For me it’s Redemption at Gontranno but that mostly bc H2SA is my fav storyline* and the level finishes with 47 saving his priest buddy and then freely choosing to get back into the life he had left behind.

*sad I know, but Hitman has never had particularly amazing stories.

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  • It gives you access to your entire weapon roster in a legitimate way
  • You retread familiar territory, but what used to be safe is now crawling with guards
  • It gives you enough time to be tactical, yet puts you right in danger so it is intense
  • The story feels like it climaxes where this is a pretty logical conclusion, so kill-em-all isn’t just for the hell of it
  • The music is pretty damn good