Which Hitman Game has the best *gameplay?

Like not only the WOA triology also the old Hitman games like and also some feutures that you like in the old and in the WOA triology

Codename 47 is the very best Hitman Game. Best Story, best atmosphere, great graphics and especially physics for its time, highly interactive maps, fun-fast paced gameplay.


Of course also codename 47 is famous for his great inclusivity

Codename 47: The classic Hitman/formula gameplay is there in missions like the Lee Hong Assassination and Traditions of the Trade. A few run-and-gun filler missions, though.

Silent Assassin: More focus on the sandbox gameplay Hitman would become famous for, but still a couple of filler missions.

Contracts: So close…

Blood Money: The perfection of ‘classic’ Hitman gameplay.

Absolution: A linear mess which pointlessly threw away what made Hitman special. The best gunfights and combat in the series, though.

WoA: The perfection of the ‘modern’ Hitman gameplay.


For me contrqcts has the best gampley because im love the fqct that they made the aspect of walking a usuful gamepley mechanic and also because is in my opionis the best Hitman Game that makes you fell like an ultimate assasin but also like if you fuckd Up and get witness fell like you are trap whit enemiges the thing that im dont like that the hud is do gooddamn tiny
But absolution has the best gunplay and you can dual wield in absolution

im dont know what do you think that are some of the feautures that made contracts close to perfection?

Contracts has great sandbox maps and the social stealth/disguises are more useful than the previous games. However, the guard AI is still super-paranoid, and Asylum Aftermath has no assassination targets, so it just misses out on Hitman gameplay perfection.

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Well yea thats true man im actually dorgot about the asylum level im think that as a target and could have been added st that is a clone of 47 or the leader of the SWAT team rading the asylum or somerhing like that but in my opiion im think that the guards being paroid im like that asspect honestly because im think that humanize them in some way and also qnother beneficts in my opiion is that they if are so paronid that if you run you are pretty nuch dead im like that because adds tensión but at the same time is a bit rng in terms of Sporting you so yea thats a thing that im dont like but and also has my 2 favorite mision of hitman that would be the meat king party like is just awrsome that level but yea im also im think that im think that contracts was the last entire of classic Hitman games that 47 can be called as anti hero and also that a xharacter that actually cares but very litle about people and im persobly like how the protait 47 in Blood money because in Blood money is such an asshole honestly but im mean this theard for taking about gampley and not history so yea

I wonder if it’s odd that in quite a few ways I actually like the older games better than WOA. By older I’m talking about Silent Assassin and Contracts. I just find that the games are pretty simple and “old school” as far as the shooting and the sandbox aspects.

Overall, sandbox is something that the WOA did very well, as well as the creativity with assassinations. However, playing the games does feel in a way alien to me. And that’s from someone who since buying it last year has played Hitman 3/WOA for almost 900 hours worth of game play.

Meanwhile, SA and Contracts feels more streamlined and accessible. You also get cheats and such without using mods, which I’d also have no problems with if it was easier to mod weapons and items into the game. I know, different times/era and such…

Granted, it does seem that if the WOA was more like the Hitman 2016 Alpha/Beta, it’d be even more my flavor considering some of the stuff that seems to have gotten dropped (weapon and gear customization, more realistic-looking weapons/items, etc).

As far as that goes, the pistols, sniper rifles and shotguns are good and satisfying to use. Assault rifles and SMGs, not so much, If they were select fire and looked more realistic and less like made up airsoft guns (especially the assault rifles), it’d be better. And a better weapon damage/area damage system would’ve been good, too. Most weapons IMO, with center of mass hits, with decent shot placement, are 1-3 shots and you or your enemy are deal. Granted, 47 is genetically modified and that makes him a bit more bullet spongey than the average person. Also, I find the damage drop-off at range to be weird and jank.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some who think the same way. Also, this isn’t the only game franchise that I follow where there’s def. that feeling. Look at the Postal franchise. Most fans of it prefer Postal 2 over other entries in the series. Postal 3 was absolute crap, while Postal 1 was completely different than subsequent entries in tone. Postal 4 did try and update the humor and such to modern standards, but in addition to being janky, the feeling is that P4’s gameplay just doesn’t have the same feeling as P2’s.

Hopefully the next Hitman game will have the stuff that had to get scrapped from Hitman 2016, now that IO can truly control their destiny without interference, and maybe even make the next game more modder friendly and cheat friendly since they’re single player games exclusively.


I agre i feel like the old games like yea are more linear which is a aspect that i personoly not like but at the same time i fell the old games have more let say more “wild” ideas because in contracts like in the boat mission whit the swat team if you kill boris you can liteary show the trigger of the bomb and the swat team they would not shoot you and that is a thing like the modern 47 i think would not do and but yea the modern the sjoting fell beter and the acidents
¿You think that the modern hitman ganes should be more like the old hitman games like in some feutures?

And also what means were select fire

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WoA trilogy and it’s not even remotely close.

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So which game is the most close

Blood Money, somewhere in a distant galaxy.

And in your opion why hitman blood money has the best gampley?

And in your opion scat why hitman blood money has the best gampley?

Select fire for rifles and SMGs means that you can toggle them between semi auto and full auto. SA and Contracts doesn’t have this feature, but you can button/mouse touch to fire off a single round. Can’t really do that in WOA.

SA and Contracts are sandbox within what you’re given, like say Postal 2 and other games of the era.

But personally, I’d like for the next game to be like the Hitman 2016 beta/alpha, as well as open things like to where you can be as stealthy or as violent and obnoxious as you want–WOA basically forces you into stealth by default, in part due to weapons options favoring stealthy weapons. And since Hitman is a single player only game, either introduce cheats or make the game easier to mod as far as adding cheats or new/fan created content.

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I have a question but what aspects did the alpha have that gave you more freedom?

I like Blood Money’s gameplay because the ai is more realistic. Civilians can actually use dropped guns and try to shoot you so that’s pretty cool.

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yea i also like the ia of the hitman blood money npc because i honestly feel that the blood money npc is the one that you can do more creative things with.

Very hard question!

Every Hitman game has its own interesting gameplay elements, difficult to tell which one is greater than the other!

But i would say it would play between either Blood Money or WoA trilogy i guess.

Honorable mention to Hitman 2: Silent Assassin and Hitman: Contracts who were also quality games :+1:

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