Which Missions Might 47 Enjoy?

I don’t mean “enjoy” in a sadistic sense; I don’t think 47 relishes killing people. Certain missions, or locations, however, are so appealing that I would find it hard to imagine even a contract killer not deriving some pleasure from their ambience whilst setting up his traps or waiting for his perfect moment. Take Mendoza: 47 seems quite enthusiastic during his wine-tasting!

(Colorado, on the other hand, would be petrifying.) :joy:


I’d definitely say that he must of enjoyed the following


His top 5 in my opinion (just bc that’s nearly my top five :sweat_smile:)


Lee Hong level bc he gets a kiss from a pretty girl and after he does the job he knows he can get the fuck out of Hong Kong. We know he doesn’t like that place.
Ortmeyer level: he gets to go one on 10 with some people who can challenge him and prove he’s a beast among men.

Basement killing: bc who doesn’t like pizza?
Petersburg revisit: again a worthy adversary who he can destroy and stoke his ego.
Redemption at Gontranno: bc it’s beautiful to be back on Sicily and he is rescuing one of his only friends.

He probably would have enjoyed Curtains Down/Hunter Hunted bc Paris is beautiful and he seems to enjoy the finer things like opera but he got shot, so that ones probably out.

Manuel Delgado bc 47 likes wine and it’s pretty.
A new life: this is what he dreams of having someday.
Heaven and Hell: he gets to go one on one duel style with a peer in a hyper macho showdown and prove to himself how much heat he drips.

He clearly likes Chicago since he took the time to find a tailor and an orphanage to donate to there. So pick one of the shitty levels from absolution or all of them maybe, I don’t know.

Club 27: the bar in the hotel will let him drink unlimited wine and I think this is the first time he has ever experienced this.

Finish Line: he seems to like nice suits and fancy firearms so I assume he wears a nice watch and can appreciate race cars too. I could be wrong though on this one.

Sgail: more free wine.

Mendoza: wine and he gets to dance with Dianna. Finally!

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You saying 47 likes Manuel’s wine and finds him pretty? We better call @Bourbon here to fix your ways and tell you the tale of the penetrating hut.


Also, he gets to think: “Yes! I knew those drumming lessons would pay off!”

Also, he gets to think: “Yes! I knew that sommelier certificate would pay off!”




That’s great and all, but don’t forget about this:

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Another would probably be whittleton creek and Carpathian mountains due to the damage the constant and Janus did to him

Judging by his reaction I don’t think he enjoyed that. :joy:


off the top of my head, Sapienza and Hokkaido. Sapienza for its well-stocked safe house, gelato (even a killer clone can’t hate ice cream), beautiful scenery, convenient exits, and close proximity of targets. Hokkaido for its quiet atmosphere and spa. 47 is a reserved person, so it makes sense he would favor quiet maps imo


47 would have enjoyed Paris, he gets to enjoy a fashion show and is able to show off on the runway as Helmut Kruger.


Can’t believe I’m 11 posts into this thread and no one has yet said Haven Island. 47 can get round to offing Williams, Vetrova and Bradley later, first he has some Cuban dancing to do, some cocktails to drink, and some rays to catch…


I think 47 probably hated Berlin the most of any mission in the trilogy. He is still mourning (in his own way) the death of his brother, he doesn’t know if Diana (his partner of 20 years) is safe.

He is being hunted by 11 ICA agents, so he is in the most dangerous predicament since the attack of the saints. And judging by the way he recognises the agents, its very likely he has known them before this mission. This is further supported by the fact he knows about Hush and the Chongqing facility way before he acts upon it, I’m guessing 47 knows much more about the ICA than we do, so it makes sense he has known/interacted with some of the agents before.

47 gets close to very few people. Killing these agents probably reminded him that he can never be like everyone else. The club is no doubt an alien concept to 47, ultimately reminding him that he will never truly be “normal” and will always be detached from humanity.

Thats got to sting :sweat_smile:


that’s a good point, but at that time in the story he might be too stressed out to kick back and enjoy it, because his emotions are returning and the memory of killing Diana’s parents is fresh in his mind. but to be fair, i don’t think most people care about the story anyway.

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While I personally enjoy Haven Island because I’m in love with Vetrova, she’s nothing but nice and kind to 47 the entire mission and even hints at some sort of relationship after her plan succeeds. As others have mentioned, having a semblance of normalcy dangled in front of his face (simply by being friendly to someone) only for it to pulled back beyond his reach (by said person being a nothing more than a target) probably wouldn’t be something he thinks of fondly.

He probably would enjoy all these things though, as well as treasure hunting and jet skiing.

Based off his liking of dress up and role playing, not to mention the elaborate suits that can be unlocked, I’d say the ICA pays him in clothes and he’s fine with that. In other words, I think he’d probably try anything once if someone offered him another outlandish outfit.


They’d be missing out; the world of assassination trilogy has a pretty good story, particularly from about halfway through the second game onwards.


The enemy viewcones probably ruin it for him… :slightly_frowning_face:

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She’s a con artist. I think 47’s trust takes at least 20 years to develop and it’s definitely not going to be given to someone he knows is planning on using her male co-conspirators as patsies.

I am at least loud enough for 10 people when it comes to my appreciation of the story


True enough, I suppose; like I said, I’m probably blinded by infatuation. At any rate, I think 47’s probably only in it for the clothes and his (not so) secret love of role playing. Other than perhaps Diana, the only real thing he’s formed a meaningful connection to over the course of his lengthy career is playing pretend…

I think the approach to “story” in earlier games, where it was mainly used to justify all the exotic locations, conditioned too many fans (and critics until 3) over the years to just ignore it by the time IO tried to make a pretty good one for the recent trilogy.

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agreed :joy: i think the story is interesting even if it does take a while to understand (had no idea what was going on in 2016 to be honest…)