Which of the new Freelancer starting locations should be added to the main game?

Freelancer brought us a few new suit starting locations plus one exit in Bangkok which please add IO; that map desperately needs it. Some of these could be very useful for the main game while others I don’t find completely necessary outside of Freelancer. I know some of you probably think they all should be added because more options is always a good thing which fair enough but I thought there could be an interesting discussion could be had about which ones people want or don’t want and why.

This list is just off of memory and what I’ve seen in Freelancer so tell me about ones I’ve missed:


  • In the small building close to the hairdresser. Not terribly useful but I wouldn’t complain about it being added. Probably not far enough way from the morgue start to be that different.


  • At the ground floor indoor bar (why does this hotel have so many tiny bars and little else?). I don’t think this adds much that the Riverside Landing or 47’s Suite doesn’t cover but I suppose it wouldn’t hurt having it.

Whittleton Creek

  • Next to the statue just across from the creek. This is one I really want because I always thought this map needed another suit start on the other side of the map. It’s in a good location and a nice option for suit only runs.

  • Upstairs in the house for sale. It’s kind of an interesting location and I suppose it could nice for sniping. I’d take any new suit starting location for this map but I’d prefer the above one.

New York

  • On a bench in the VIP Clients section. It is very close to the teller starting spot. I’ll admit I’ve never minded this map only having the one suit starting location, perhaps due to the density of the map but another spot wouldn’t go amiss. It would perhaps be too easy a skip for the the frisk spot but that’s not particularly difficult to get around anyway.

  • Very much a technicality but the bank robber start in the basement lets you pick a suit. I’m ok with it staying as is because the bank robber disguise has some unique properties.


  • At the Balcony Bar. Like a lot of H3 maps, I found Dubai lacking for starting locations. This map could use another suit start although I never really came up with a good spot for one. This location is fine since it’s a bit closer to the action and could definitely have some use. It could use a blending option like 47 drinking or leaning on a rail (which would have to be added since there’s oddly no suit blending parts of that area) instead of 47 just standing awkwardly in the middle of everyone like he’s me at a party.

  • In the rafters next to the Art Gallery. As great as this is for Freelancer, I don’t think this should be added to the main game. In terms of location, it’s too close to the Art Crew starting location and also very close to an easy Penthouse Security disguise. Again, I love it in Freelancer but I’ve always felt there should be some degree of balance to how accessibly very powerful disguises should be although that is completely thrown out in some maps. I wouldn’t mind a suit starting location on on of the window cleaning lifts, maybe the one next to the explosive golf ball. It’s close enough to the penthouse but you still have to work for it a little.


  • The top floor of the mansion overlooking the back garden. It’s hard not to want another suit start in Dartmoor since people love making suit only contracts for it and the main action is in the house so it saves the running from the other locations which are reasonably far away. This location is perhaps a little too close to the most powerful disguise in the map. I’m very glad to have it in Freelancer but maybe not for the main game.


  • The Club Entrance but you actually get to pick your suit. Ok, this technically isn’t a new starting location and I personally don’t care but I know some people want to be able to pick a suit for Berlin that isn’t as far away as the radio tower.

  • On the roof of the biker building. I would very much love for this one to be added. Berlin is another map that needs a suit starting location on the other side. I realise this may be hypocritical since I just said I don’t like starting locations right next to powerful disguises since it’s very quick and easy to get a biker disguise from here. A disguise that is incredibly OP and somewhat diminishes the map for me personally. It can go literally anywhere in the map and it’s one of the only disguises in the entire World of Assassination that can openly carry a sniper rifle along with Ambrose guards. But I don’t think it matters in this case because there is already a biker starting location so any balance is thrown out the window. More suit starting options are good and it’s a good sniping location.

  • At the bar on the bottom floor next to the dance floor. Another good suit start for a map clearly lacking in them. This is a good spot for one. It’s right into the heart of the action of the map but not totally easy to get a powerful disguise from. We do have the DJ Booth starting location on the same floor but it’s not that close and as I’ve said multiple times now, Berlin needs more of those suit starts.


  • On the street next to the scooter exit. Chongqing was the H3 map that I felt fared the best in terms of starting locations (and exits for that matter along with Dubai) so I’m not desperate for any new ones. This one certainly wouldn’t hurt although I’m not sure it’s far enough away from the River-Side Walkway suit start to make much of a difference. I actually wouldn’t mind the nearby location starting in the homeless disguise that was used in The Jinzhen Inicident escalation but like I said, this map isn’t hurting for options in that regard.


  • In the reception area across from the Tasting Room. This is probably another one that isn’t particularly useful but wouldn’t hurt. The Parking Lot and Shrine give some pretty decent cover of the map. This is pretty close to the waiter start in the Tasting Room which I know won’t matter to some since a suit start offers its own thing but I’m generally for a decent spread of the starting locations. Maybe one in the public area next to the Grapefield would work better for me.

So what do you think? Do you want all of them added or none of them added? Is there a specific one you want more than others? I definitely would like the Berlin biker rooftop one and the Whittleton Creek statue one.


If memory serves me right, there are also those new starting locations in Freelancer:

  • Berlin start in the bar at the very bottom of the club.
  • Dartmoor start at the top balcony of the manor.
  • Sapienza start in one of the small shops in the streets area.

Out of those three listed, I’d want Berlin one the most.
Dartmoor might be a bit too much with having easy access to bodyguard disguise and an easy angle to drop a chandelier on Alexa seconds after starting the map. Sapienza doesn’t seem particularly useful if I were given a choice to use it, with the exception of some contracts I guess. Meanwhile Berlin one is way closer to the action than the radio tower start and still feels reasonable due to being in an easily accessible public area.
Other than that, balcony start for Dubai and the other start for Whittleton are ones I’d enjoy a lot.

Berlin biker roof start gets an honourable mention, since it could allow for a SASONKO 10 agent kill run without leaving the biker zone.


They’ve already got 47 standing there. But if he were blending in reading a paper while sitting on a bench - that would be more cohesive with some of his other starting locations in other maps.

I could say more… I may later if I’m feeling better. :face_exhaling:


Thanks, I forgot about those. I’ll add them to the list.

I like your suggestions. Haven’t played FL that much lately so I’m not even aware of many of those starting locations, but would love to see a lot of them added to the main game. Particularly Dubai balcony with blending option (I agree that that area has a serious lack of suit blending spots), WC statue w/blending, or the suit selection for Berlin club entrance.

Yes, double yes, and triple yes.


I’d like all of them added. I don’t mind the ones that are more useful like the rafters in Dubai or the top floor in Dartmoor. There’s already several suit starting locations with easy-to-reach powerful disguises nearby: the Attic in Paris, the Morgue in Hokkaido (not as handy on Master), the Keep in Isle of Sgail.

There’s also the New York starting location where you’re sitting at a bench outside the audit hall. It’s not that good given how close it is to other starts, but it would still be nice to have at least two suit starts on New York (or at least, change the Bank Robber start in the basement to a suit start). Whittleton Creek, New York, Dubai, and Berlin can use new starting locations the most since right now they only have one unrestricted suit start.

I’d be fine with the new starts just added to the locations’ Mastery, but it would also be cool if they added challenges to unlock each one like they did for the Church Morgue in Sapienza and the Consulate Parking Garage in Marrakesh


Ah yes, another one I forgot. Added.

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Comparing with starting locations, I’d like to have the Bangkok beach exit added to the main game more.Because Bangkok is really lack of safe exit. Espacially in master difficulty, we have:
boat (key required and two gatekeeper) basement door (two security guard and a camera) tricycle (wrench required and multiple people hanging around)
None of them are completely safe and sound, it makes a master Bangkok run really strssful till the end


Just noticed Mumbai has a starting location where 47 arrives at the train yard by… well, train.

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Yup, that’s already in the main set of starting locations


As much as I hate the Berlin bar start in Freelancer (it’s just too annoying if targets aren’t on the lower floors), it would actually be an interesting one for contracts.

Aside from that I agree on pretty much everything from the OP, and particularly on the Dubai starts.


Dang, I totally haven´t noticed that until now! :sweat_smile: There are so many starting locations in Mumbai, and I always go for the servant one if I wanna start by the train yard.


Mumbai is definitely the best (imo) map for SONKO challenges! I love making suit only contracts due to the amount of good starting locations

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I’ll certainly never remember where all the smuggling points in Mumbai are. Probably a few I’ve never used.