Which WOA game's missions have the best mission briefings?

  • H1
  • H2
  • H3

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My opinion on these is kinda mixed, I prefer music of the H1 briefings but I prefer the visuals of H2’s briefings. Not sure if I like anything about the H3 briefings.

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Codename 47 and Silent Assassin have the best briefings, by far.
Strictly WoA I’d say H1.

I mean, H2 wins it for Haven alone.

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Does H3 have briefings? They feel more like cutscenes.
The ones from Berlin and the Carpathian Mountains are pretty oldschool though. H3 gets points for that.

My favorite briefing is the one for Whittleton Creek. The way Grey and Diana brief 47 together, audibly excited about this mission. The music, the chess piece, and the way it builds up to that final scene of both your targets in the garden will never get old.


H2 has the best briefings by sheer quantity, but H3 has the single best mission briefing in the entire trilogy: the Dartmoor briefing.

you really feel the influence of Alexa Carlisle has over the world and then it builds up to the reveal that the mansion is the Birthplace of Providence (dun dun dunnn). it’s really awesome world-building and gives the mission a sense of importance