Whittleton Creek Body Found Bug

I have a longer stream that I can clip into a shorter vid to show.

This bug only occurs when playing Whittleton Creek on Master difficulty.

What happens is if a target is eliminated with an accident drowning, or if a player uses the insecticide to knock out everyone in Cassidy’s house, the resulting “Body Found” negates the Silent Assassin rating.

It occurred when drowning Cassidy after using the Seiker 1, and again when using the fumigator and insecticide to knock out everyone in Cassidy’s house.

Again, this only occurs on Master, and only on Whittleton Creek.

I am on Xbox Series X playing a digital copy of Hitman 3. I will add video.

If targets get found after being knocked out, even “accidentally”, you will lose SA. This is a bug that has been a thing for a long time. When you gas the house, his body usually gets seen by some guard who gets knocked out after him.

Idk what’s the thing with the other one, did you drag the body after drowning him? That will compromise the body and it won’t look like an accident anymore, no matter how little you moved it. If not, I don’t know what it is about.


I did not touch the body after drowning him. I just left.

Again it only seems to occur on Master difficulty. On Professional it follows the normal rules regarding poison and accidents.

I can’t clip it right now, because Twitch mobile app only does 30 second increments, and there’s about a minute in between. But here’s a link to a longer stream. It should automatically start at the time stamp 1:33:05, but if not, skip to that mark. That’s when I poison and drown him.

You did touch the body though, even though just for a second. Accidentally killed people have to be left just like they are. Doesn’t always make sense, but that’s how it works.

Gassing the house usually makes you lose SA on professional as well, but it’s not happening every time. It depends on his and the guards’ locations or he might just get knocked out last.


Ok, I do see I did touch him now, but I have never lost SA gassing the house on Pro, even when guards come into the house. I’ve only ever had it on Master. In fact, it’s been my understanding that sedating a target is treated with the same rules as poison.

Touching bodies after drowning compromising SA is also news to me. Never had an issue with it outside of this scenario.

Yeah, it’s probably that he gets KO’d last. I did it a while ago and lost SA. This bug should have been fixed a long time ago.
Currently you can accidentally KO targets in two ways without losing SA - Use the kalmer or a piano.

I believe it isn’t told anywhere in the game so you just have to find about it yourself. It concerns other accidents as well.

If you touched any body that was killed or pacified by an accident, it will be found with voiding your SA.
It was always a case from the very first day of HITMAN 2016 was out.
It should be well-known by this moment

I’ll add third - fire extinguisher.
And fourth - propane flask when it blown relatively far from NPC, outside its lethal range


What about New York? I knock out everyone in the Vault security room with chloroform every time to access the vault and it never compromises SA. Sometimes I’ll even bait the guard outside into the room and turn the AC on a second time, knocking him out. It never compromises SA.

Hence why I was under the impression that sedative is treated like poison or accidents.

It works in New York because none of the people you knock out are targets. If you do it in a contract where one of them is a target, you can lose SA then.


Maybe New York room was fixed or tweaked or modified.
In HITMAN 2 while chloroforming the room, some body would’ve been found with 100% chance. At least in my game. But in HITMAN 3 it has never happened yet

But in Whittleton Creek you can wait till Cassidy leaves the house and fumigate it - thus no targets present. But still, body can be found. Don’t remember happening to me in HITMAN 3 (I never did a full house knockout yet), but in HITMAN 2 happened on a regular basis, not always, like in New York though

The other thing that may be in play in New York is that the three guys in the security room aren’t looking at each other. If you poison the room while they’re standing in their starting positions, no body is found. If you do it while the one guy who moves is standing right behind the other guy, you do get a body found. Oddly, it doesn’t trigger a loss of Silent Assassin, but I did get the “Body Found” message. In Whittleton Creek, those guys are all over the place and there are cameras in the house so it’s possible that it triggers because the guards can see each other in addition to the obvious bug of losing Silent Assassin.

But that doesn’t explain how I can lure a guard in from outside the room, thus getting g Body Found, and yet knock him out by turning the AC on again, knocking him out and never losing SA

Fumigating that room with sedative poison will never count against No Bodies Found.
Accidental knockouts on non-targets are always accidental.
But all accidental knockouts on targets will count against No Bodies Found, except for Kalmer and piano KO.

But that doesn’t explain how I can lure a guard in from outside the room, thus getting g Body Found, and yet knock him out by turning the AC on again, knocking him out and never losing SA

You should never get a body found in that room, if all 4 guards are non-targets. Accidental knockouts was broken for a while in Hitman 2, that was fixed 1-2 months after though.

All of the accidental knockouts work only on non-targets except for two of them;

  • Sedative Poison KO (fumigation, consumables)
  • Chloroform KO (fumigation, throwable near an npc)
  • Kalmer KO (also works on targets)
  • Accident explosion KO (fire extinguisher, vehicle, stove etc.)
  • Push KO
  • Fish tank KO
  • Rake KO
  • Wet spot slip/banana KO
  • Joint KO
  • Piano KO (also works on targets)

I guess since it never happened to me, it’s news to me.