Who are the ICA Board Members?

We’ve heard about the ICA Board a few time already. However, who are they exactly. Like who is in the board. I think Erich is one of them and we have theat one in Chonqing but who else?

There was a list of them in the novel Enemy Within, but the WoA trilogy has rendered that novel non-canon, so how many can still be considered part of it is unknown. Soders was promoted to a member at some point, and given the information that suggests Providence just plain took over the ICA after Edwards escaped from captivity, we could count him as probably the new chairman for a short period, but beyond that, we don’t know.

We don’t know if they were business people who got involved with the agency for the profits and easy access to their own hitmen if they should need to take out rivals, or if they might be former or even current members of various intelligence agencies such as CIA, MI6, Mossad, etc., operating in neutrality to avoid oversight for ordered hits, especially since it’s explicitly illegal for agencies like the CIA to perform assassination, but still technically “legal” for them to hire outside contractors. So pretty much let your imagination run wild about who’s running the ICA.

Or was. Seems ICA is now just 47 and Diana’s little operation in Freelancer, if the titles of the rankings after missions is anything to go by, but if they expand in a future game, that’s gonna most likely make Diana the chairwoman and top administrator and she’ll probably bring in like-minded associates or former clients to help fund it and be other members of the new board, so we’ll see what happens down the road.

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