Who designed each mission of the trilogy, what did they do before and (if they are not with IO/Hitman,) what are they doing now?

Im curious on this. I cant find an exact convenient list


Proof no one watches or gives a shit about game end credits. :joy:

I don’t think there is a list anywhere, and the credits might not be enough to go by. I mean, you could get names, but matching them to whichever part, mission, etc. - good luck with that (I think it’d be all guess work). But there have been a few IO Interactive Twitch streams where they’ve had certain people that have worked on various areas of the game. I can think of at least 3, maybe 4.

Here’s this…

Anyway… Re: the Twitch streams… They had one (I should know her name but I can’t recall) that worked on ‘The Malory Misfortune’… But that was just one thing. I’m certain there was a lot more she did.

The person that worked on The Bank,
The person that worked on the Hantu Port Sniper Mission,
The person that worked on Whittleton Creek…

Whoever is still with IO, and whoever has left and what they’re doing now…

I’m sure if someone was bored and motivated enough - they could find all that out.

Edit: If such knowledge was, well, known - I’m sure it’d be listed on sites like the Hitman wiki.

Mathias Ernstrong was a level designer before being promoted into game director for H3, I think. The masseur in Marrakesh (“Konny Ergstrom… Please report to reception desk”) is named after him, and so is Strandberg’s aide Mathias, who he contacts on a phone call on the upper floor of the embassy. I think he was the lead designer in Sapienza and Marrakesh at least, if memory serves.

There was also Marta Mendola, IIRC she designed the two DLC levels for H2 and she even shows up in The Bank, as one of the portraits in the hall filled with portraits of each former CEO of Milton Fitzpatrick. Matthieu Mendola is named after her, too.


Marta also designed the Miami level (mentioned in the Noclip documentary).


According to the Noclip documentary, Marta did NPCs on Sapienza, the race on Miami (the other side of the map was handled by a separate team) and Haven. The bank was from Mette, who I think also worked on VR.
In the documentary, Mumbai was discussed with Mattias Engström, so I assume he was the lead designer for it.

If I remember correctly, Colorado, Santa Fortuna and Isle of Sgail were made by Sumo Digital but I wouldn’t know any individual names.

Came across Toke Krainert’s website - he was track owner / lead designer of Dartmoor, the Vector and House built on Sand. The individual sections go into detail of what exactly he did, quite interesting: https://krainert.com/

Other team members will also have their own websites or profiles on sites like LinkedIn that can offer more clues.


I thought it was Mumbai + Santa Fortuna that were sumo… that’s why Mumbai + Santa Fortuna seemed so similar in terms of each really being 3 totally separate areas mashed together.

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I don’t have a list, but when they release the first game of the trilogy they made videos where they introduced the levels, and I think the people speaking were the managers overseeing the creation of that level and guiding the overall vision.


Marta was the track owner for Miami, Haven island and Landslide, she works now as Senior Level Designer on Project 007.

Mette is no longer working at IO after making the bank, to take care of her young child and family.

Mattias Engström is now Game Director for the 4th installment in the Crysis franchise.

Jacob Mikkelsen (hitman 1’s Principal Level Designer, Paris track owner and hitman 2’s game director) is now Principal Level Designer on IOI’s unannounced IP.

Lasse Bruun Hansen is now Principal Game Designer at IOI.

Bjarne Kristiansen is now Senior Level Designer at IOI.

Many are still here.

The big strength of IO nowadays is to know how to keep its veterans and to recruit other from big studios, such as Rockstar Games (one lead animator), CD Projekt (one Lead Gameplay Designer), , Rocksteady (the Batman/Suicide Squad lead combat animator), DICE (the Design Director who worked on Blood Money, Battlefield, Star Wars Battlefront), Ubisoft…etc. They are arming themselves massively for the future.


Mette left in mid-2020, well after The Bank was done. She is credited as a Level Designer in the credits for H3 too.


Funnily enough it seems that it was Sumo Digital’s studio in Pune, India, that worked on Hitman 1 and 2. Along with Sumo Digital Sheffield for Hitman 1. Hitman 3 is not listed on their sites however.

This was the one on Hantu, with Bjarne as guest: Twitch
I guess that would be the Bjarne Kristiansen Hardware mentioned above.


here’s the list for H3 (it’s a bit outdated, i just copy and pasted from something i had saved):

Lead level designers: Lasse Bruun Hansen, Marta La Mendola
Principal Level designer: Torbjorn V. Christensen

ICA Facility Prologue: Jacob B. Mikkelsen
The Showstopper: Jacob B. Mikkelsen
World of Tomorrow: Torbjørn Vinther Christensen
A Gilded Cage: Mattias Engström
Club 27: Rasmus Hammerfeldt Hansen
Freedom Fighters: Martin Deacon (track owner), James Clark, Wesley Arthur
Situs Inversus: Torbjørn Vinther Christensen
A House Built on Sand: Toke Krainert
Landslide: Marta La Mendola

Nightcall: Michael Ivanov Nenkov
The Finish Line: Marta La Mendola & Bjarne Kristiansen
Three-Headed Serpent: James Clark
Chasing A Ghost: Mattias Engström
Another Life: Lasse Bruun Hansen
The Ark Society: Wesley Arthur
The Last Yardbird: Lasse Bruun Hansen
The Pen and the Sword: Bjarne Kristiansen
Golden Handshake: Mette Pødenphant Andersen
Crime and Punishment: Martin Skov Ansdal
The Last Resort: Marta La Mendola
A Silver Tongue: Toke Krainert
A Bitter Pill: Martin Skov Ansdal

Death in the Family: Toke Krainert
Apex Predator: Hakan Almer
The Farewell: Martin Skov Ansdal

Additional level designers:
Hákon Jarl Hannesson
Anders Pødenphant Andersen
Mike Karstensen
Jonas Yamazaki
Erik Sjövold
Eva-Lis Nugent
Ruddi Oliver Vogel Bodholdt
Hector Hernqvist
Olivia van den Born
Victor Rasmussen
Agnes Frederike Christensson


You can tell Sumo Digital worked on Colorado, Colombia and Sgail because for every other map its names like Bjarne Kristiansen and Mette Pødenphant Andersen then with those levels its a name like James Clark