Who is your least favorite target in the WoA trilogy?

Not true; I’ve always had an extremely easy time with them, and that was just in H1, before we had all our little tools and tweaks to NPCs that made things even easier. Try it a few times in a row, it’ll get real easy.

It’s only randomized for him to go through each dish. Right when you start, have some poison, go out it on one of the plates, then busy yourself with taking care of Jordan. Most likely, Morgan will eat that shit while you’re doing that, and if you’re done first, just chill somewhere until it happens.

The two Isle of Sgail targets, they’re the principal reason why I’ve barely played the main mission on that map.

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My least favourite is Strandberg. Story wise he’s not an issue. Total evil greedy dude who needs to go. Gameplay wise though he just bums around the embassy on a short route not unlike Ken bumming around the downstairs of the hotel. They each have 4 pullouts Ken (suite inspection, cross meeting, tuk tuk :auto_rickshaw:, and basement meeting) Claus (tv interview, emergency meeting, non emergency head to school, and massage time). I just find them all kinda boring and usually end up getting him in the ambassadors office or conference room. I guess it’s just preference. I also wish there was some way to perform the kill in the trailer. He should have a room he’s sleeping in at the embassy and there should be a way to get him to go there and dig through his suitcase. Maybe you put a tick tock clock in there and plant a bomb under the table ? I dunno. That would have been fun to do bc he was one one of the most featured parts of the trailer with his tea spoon clicking in time with the music.


My post is assuming we don’t count Sarajevo Six. The only good one gameplay and story wise was the Hokkaido guy. The Bangkok one was interesting story wise but not gameplay wise, and the rest all sucked with the worst being the Colorado guy and his insane hunter feature surrounded by 6 enforcers lol. I’d take any of the “special assignments” over the Colorado guy from Sarajevo 6.


If I remember correctly, in the alpha of the game this mission story existed. It was when the game still had the briefcase / item in a case transported by NPC mechanic.

The consulate had a bedroom (it’s the strange empty greyed space that encroach on Strandberg office on the map).
The intern you can find in the city (who is still here) is looking to bring Strandberg some necessities. It was then possible to give him a briefcase with a dissimulated explosive.

It was abandoned with the mechanic.

You can see the room here :


Oh man! It’s too bad they cut it just bc they cut the briefcase. They could have dumbed it down to what I suggested. Just had his suitcase built into the environment on a table or his bed with the ability to place something hidden in it like a trash can.

How funny it would have been when after NPCs started preferring to throw up in bins and Strandberg would go throw up on his own clothing :joy:



Well now, here´s a thing about Hitman I just found out! Always had a feeling the intern is a leftover from some kind of mission opportunity. Damn I wish they´d implement it back given that the briefcase is in the game… Would be a really cool kill to have.

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Honestly, Marrakesh is pretty interesting to look at.
As much as the map has issues (for some, but legitimate), it’s also a map that gives the feeling of “we prototyped with Paris, now we are going to make maps where all the standard possibilities exist and carefully curated”. If that makes sense.

The map has two clear, and decently original sniper positions. Actually some of my favourite ones in the trilogy. They are clear enough to be easy to find, but the way the angle visual look gives this impression of “you found a complex secret, congratulations”.

And if this mission story still existed, then Marrakesh would have had a way to eliminate both targets by manipulating NPCs in the city proper to deliver an elimination, without even having to enter the fortresses (You can find a sleeping waiter, wake him up with a radio, poison the plate in a store, and it will be delivered to Zaydan).

Sapienza has this aspect of “you can find everything you need just in the city” fully realized, and it always felt like something was missing in Marrakesh.

Honestly, playing the missions with a challenge of “I wonder if I can complete it even if I forbid myself oyt half the areas of the map” is a favourite of mine. Marrakesh is so close to it…


I wonder if Sean Rose’s exploding watch was originally Strandberg’s.

Like maybe the originally planned for it to be in that map, or that Strandberg was the target Rose originally commissioned the watch for before he got killed?

The former I’d say, Strandberg sends the intern to look for his dad’s watch and then you can meet him in that room. I wonder if originally the watch was supposed to explode when you returned it to him.

The actor the ICA hired to play Kalvin Ritter; I’ve never thought he took his role seriously enough (unlike the guy who played Jasper Knight).

If we count DGS, then Manon Beaulieu and Cornelia Stuyvesant. I just can’t bring myself to kill them; I always feel so bad for Manon and I love Cornelia. (Lucy Phillips can die in a fire though)

In all seriousness and, not to mention, main story, I’d have to say Strandberg and Zaydan. Though my relationship with Marrakesh has been much improved of late, it and they will always hold a not so special place in my heart.


Looking at the Alpha and other earlier versions of 2016 made me appreciate the S1 maps even more, because of all the pieces of trivia that it has, all the changes it went through and all the cut content, it’s just so interesting :smile: